KETHINK is a professional benchtop centrifuges manufacturer in China. Our desktop low-speed centrifuge product line includes the smallest mini beauty saloon use centrifuge to large capacity hospital use models with a maximum speed of 6000 rpm. We can provide a variety of products to meet your application needs, from cell culture to clinical diagnosis to genomics. A variety of rotors and adapters are provided, which can safely and accurately match your work, help you achieve the best capacity and centrifugal force required by your application.

We also provide different rotor types for benchtop centrifuges and rotor customization services if needed. This series of desktop centrifuges can help you easily operate with one hand in a few seconds. The rotor is easy to assemble & disassemble, equipped with disassembly & assembly tools. The simple control panel is easy to learn and can clearly indicate the operating status.


Table top cold centrifuge machine, high speed 16krpm

KT-TGL16W/TGL16WR High Speed Cold Centrifuge are the new generation high speed benchtop centrifuges that meet the optimal functionality with medium capacity for molecular biology applications.

Benchtop mini centrifuge, high speed 6000rpm

A benchtop mini centrifuge is defined by its very compact size and limited power. These are typically stationed at each benchtop location and kept on hand to perform quick spin downs and other activities related to sample preparation.

Benchtop plate centrifuge, low speed 3000 rpm

KT-TDM3 is a specially designed benchtop plate centrifuge with a microplate rotor for a 48/96 well.It is usually used in the laboratory with a microplate reader for ELISA experiments.


  • Effortless Playing
    • It’s no-load maximum speed reaches as high as 30000rpm.On-key to play.
    • Has an intuitive user interface that makes the operation very user-friendly.
  • Highly reliability
    • Special designed high quality fireproof and explosion-proof steel shell,
    • In addition with 2 layers of stainless steel inner cavity.


Compact benchtop centrifuges provide precise speed control when separating sample contents in clinical or research laboratories. Different spin method devices accommodate plate or tube samples of different sizes and capacities. Despite high-speed capabilities for high-throughput applications and rapid production, benchtop centrifuges are minimal noise. Select models offer easily interchangeable centrifuge rotors in a variety of capacities and support a variety of centrifuge tube sizes. The refrigeration option supports temperature-sensitive samples.

Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge Series

KT-TGL16E High Speed Benchtop Centrifuge

Type: Benchtop, Refrigerated or High speed
Speed Range: 4000-16000RPM
Maximum RCF: 17800xg
Refrigerated: Yes

KT-TGL16D Benchtop Centrifuge for 50ml Tubes

Type: Benchtop, Refrigerated
Speed Range: 4000-16500RPM
Maximum RCF: 18900xg
Refrigerated: Yes

KT-TGL18D Benchtop Centrifuge Swinging bucket

Type: Benchtop, Refrigerated
Speed Range: 4000-18000 RPM
Maximum RCF: 26600xg
Refrigerated: Yes

KT-TGL20D Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge

Type: Table Top, Refrigerated
Speed Range: 4000-21000RPM
Maximum RCF: 30930xg
Refrigerated: Yes

ModelMax SpeedMax RCFMax CapacityTemp RangeTimer RangePower SupplyPower
KT-TGL16E KT-TGL16ER16000rpm17800xg4*500ml-20°C 〜+40°C1-99m/9h99minAC 220V 50HZ 10A1.2KW
KT-TGL16D KT- TGL16DR16500rpm18900xg4*500ml-20°C 〜+40°C1-99m/9h99minAC 220V 50HZ 10A1.2KW
KT-TGL18D KT-TGL18DR18000rpm26600xg4*500ml-20°C 〜+40°C1-99m/9h99minAC 220V 50HZ 10A1.3KW
KT-TGL20D KT-TGL20DR21000rpm30930xg4*750ml-20°C 〜+40°C1-99m/9h99minAC 220V 50HZ 10A1.4KW

Benchtop Low Speed Centrifuge Series

KT-TD6AWS /KT-TD6AMR Table Centrifuge

Type: Table, low speed
Max Speed: 6000RPM
Maximum RCF: 5180xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TD5AWS/KT-TD5AMR Table Top Centrifuge

Type: Table top, low speed
Max Speed: 5500RPM Maximum RCF: 4650xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TDZ5WS/KT-TDZ5MR Centrifuge Table Top

Type: Table top
Max Speed: 5500RPM
Maximum RCF: 4390xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TDZ5M Tabletop Centrifuge(fat transfer)

Type: Table Top
Max Speed: 5500 RPM
Maximum RCF: 4390xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TDZ4E Table Top Centrifuge

Type: Table, low speed
Max Speed: 4000RPM
Maximum RCF: 2580xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TDZ4WS Table Top Centrifuge Machine

Type: Table top, low speed
Max Speed: 4000RPM Maximum RCF: 2480xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TD3WS Centrifuge Table Top

Type: Table top,low speed
Max Speed: 4000RPM
Maximum RCF: 2200xg
Refrigerated: No

KT-TXD3 Table Top Centrifuge

Type: Desktop, low speed
Max Speed: 3000 RPM
Maximum RCF: 1980xg
Refrigerated: No

ModelMax SpeedMax RCFMax CapacityDisplayTimer RangePower SupplyPowerNoise
KT-TD6AWS/KT-TD6AMR6000rpm5180xg4 * 500mlLED/LCD1 -99min/9h59mAC220V 50HZ 10A700W≤62dB(A)
KT-TD5AWS/KT-TD5AMR5500rpm4650xg4 * 500mlLED/LCD1 -99min/9h59mAC220V 50HZ 10A600W≤65dB(A)
KT-TDZ5WS/KT-TDZ5MR5500rpm4390xg4 * 250mlLED/LCD1 -99min/9h59mAC 220V 50HZ 10A450W≤55dB(A)
KT-TDZ5M5500rpm4390xg8 * 50mlLED/LCD1 -99min/9h59mAC 220V 50HZ 10A500W≤55dB(A)
KT-TDZ4C5000rpm4220xg4* 100mlLED/LCD1~99min/9h59mAC220V 50HZ 5A150W≤55dB(A)
KT-TDZ4E4000rpm2580xg24*15mlLED/LCD1~99min/9h59AC220V 50HZ 5A110W≤55dB(A)
KT-TDZ4WS4000rpm2480xg4 * 50mlLED1~99minAC220V 50HZ 5A110W≤55dB(A)
KT-TDZ4AWS4000rpm2580xg4* 100mlLED1~99minAC220V 50HZ 5A140W≤55dB(A)
KT-TDM33000rpm1780xg4 * 2 * 96mlLED/LCD1~99minAC 220V 50HZ 5A110W≤55dB(A)
KT-TXK44000rpm12/24 cardsLED/LCD1 – 99minAC 220V 50HZ 10A200W ≤55dB(A)
KT-TXD33000rpm1980xg6*0.5ml,6*1.5ml,6*2mlLED/LCD1~99minAC 220V 50HZ 5A450W≤55dB(A)
KT-TD3WS4000rpm2200xg8*15mlLED1~99min AC 220V 50HZ 2A 50W


KT-TD6AWS table top centrifuge operation

Although the working principle of a centrifuge is complex, operating the machine itself is very simple.

  • Insert the test tube sample into one of the inlets
  • If needed, depending on the number of samples you are testing, insert a test tube filled with water for equilibration
  • Secure the lid and select the desired setting
  • Start the centrifuge and wait for it to complete the cycle
  • When the centrifuge stops spinning, remove the balance and sample
  • Each sample will now be split into different components and ready for analysis


  • KETHINK is the best benchtop centrifuge manufacturer, supplier and factory since 2010. We provide all types of centrifuges.
  • The R&D team has more than ten years of working experience in the centrifuge industry.
  • Our benchtop centrifuges have passed CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485.
  • Our random gift of plastic centrifugal tubes suit for different centrifuge capacity.
  • OEM/ ODM/ SKD order available.
  • Free to print LOGO, or color boxes for bulk orders.
  • Provide second-hand benchtop centrifuge maintenance services.
  • Our benchtop centrifuge has been exported to US, UK, Indonesia, Italy,South Africa, Oman, and Singapore at competitive prices & 1 year warranty.

Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common centrifuge products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM/SKD. We could print your Logo / brand name on the casing. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Our centrifuge can be customized with panel, casing, speed. Customized rotor available too. We can tailor according to the provided schematic diagram, or designed by us.


No MOQ limit. But for the max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

Warranty periods

Mostly, our guarantee periods for our centrifuge is 1 years. Different guarantee periods will be with different solutions in raw materials.

What we can offer you…

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of centrifuge, and served more than 210 customers from worldwide.

Competitive Price

Our centrifuge has an absolute advantage in price. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

Testing Service

All products have been EMC tested to ensure the operator’s safety and reliability of the centrifuge in the working process.


We provide 1 year guarantee policy. Within warranty period, maintenance costs due to product quality will be on our account.


We have experienced shipping forwarder, available to do shipping by air express, sea, and even door to door service.


KETHINK is one of the benchtop centrifuge manufacturers which is specialized in producing, designing, supplying, exporting centrifuges.

Manufacturing and exporting centrifuges including benchtop centrifuges, PRP centrifuges, high-speed centrifuge, blood centrifuges, gel card centrifuges, etc, all of the centrifuges are CE Standard. For all of the orders, we can do customized designs for color boxes, and print logos on the body.

ultra-low noise maintenance-free DC brushless motor in KETHINK centrifuge
  • Maintenance-free DC brushless motor prolongs the service lifespan. No need to replace carbon brushes, saving maintenance costs and providing a strong source of rotation power.
  • Over-temperature, over-speed, over-current, over-voltage, maloperation, automatic unbalance recognition, unbalance protection function.
  • High-quality steel body, built-in stainless steel explosion-proof protective inner sleeve, anti-corrosion stainless steel centrifugal cavity, three-layer protective sleeve structure to ensure user safety.
  • With emergency unlocking hole in case of door lock failure.
  • High-reliability waterproof PCB board ensures stable operation.
KETHINK centrifuge LCD display language setting
  • Chinese and English bilingual display, language selection can be set manually.
KETHINK centrifuge regular mode numeric display
KETHINK centrifuge regular mode curve display
  • LCD display include two centrifugal display modes: regular mode & program mode. Regular mode includes numerical display and curve display.
  • One key switches to display the centrifugal force value. The parameters can be set arbitrarily during operation without stopping the machine.
high reliable pcb board (control system board & LED display board) in KETHINK centrifuge
  • Intelligent microprocessor control system that can display set and actual parameters simultaneously. Users can set up/down rate arbitrarily.With instant spin and timing speed counting function.
  • A soft brake function to effectively prevent the sample from resuspending. Three-level shock absorption, low vibration and low noise on lab worktable.
  • Unique air-cooled exhaust design:running for 20 minutes, experimental temperature rise <10℃.

  • Double door lock system: electronic lock & mechanical door lock. Automatically lock when the machine starts.
  • A variety of standard rotors are available for selection. A full range of horizontal rotors,angle rotors & adapters can be manufactured according to customer requirements
KETHINK centrifuge auto fault detection alarming function display
  • Automatic fault detection, double fault alarm (buzzer & page alarm display), automatically stop running.
KETHINK centrifuge program mode homepage
KETHINK centrifuge program mode project process page
  • LCD display:program selection, creation and parameter editing can be performed under program mode. Multiple centrifugal projects can be set according to the experimental process and run in sequence.
  • LCD display:easily query and export nearly 2000 historical centrifugal records.
  • Small size, multi-function

This series of products can easily meet the routine application needs of various hospital laboratories, and at the same time can save laboratory space due to their compact size. There are as many as 9 types of rotors to choose from, and the installation is simple and convenient, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes without spending more money.

  • Simple setting,intuitive display

Under normal procedures, LED light touch button/LCD touch operation requires only 3 steps of button setting to start fast rotation operation. The display screen synchronously displays the current rotor number, speed and time. The rotor automatic identification technology does not require additional operation settings, and the rotor number is displayed synchronously.

  • Multiple safety protections, safer experience

Triple physical safety protection design, double door cover lock, anti-pinch design brings customer a better & safer operation experience.

  • Meet customized needs

Whether you need to customize the whole machine, or need to customize the rotor and adapter, just put forward your needs, we can make it.

  • Strong & stable centrifugal force

Electric centrifuge runs stably with low noise, no human operation is required. Better sample centrifugation quality, more efficient and labor-saving than manual centrifuge.

  • Meet individual needs, save working time

Programmable design to help users achieve personalized separation technical requirements. A variety of separation programs can be run in sequence after setting the sequence, saving working time. Multi-user operation is possible, and historical records can be queried and exported.

  • Automatic fault detection and alarm, safer and more efficient

Automatic detection and power-off protection function effectively improve the safety of the experiment. It allows you to work at ease no matter which area of the laboratory. The alarm buzzer can promptly remind users of the fault and adjust timely. No matter where you are in the laboratory, you can conveniently monitor the operation status.

  • Hospital Lab
  • Recommend Models:
  • KT-TDZ4C
  • KT-TDZ4E
  • KT-TXK4
  • KT-TXD3
blood bank lab
  • Blood Bank
  • Recommend Models:
cosmetic surgery hospital
  • Plastic Surgery Hospital
  • Recommend Models:
  • KT-TD3WS
  • Beauty Salon
  • Recommend Models:
  • KT-TD3WS
  • KT-TDZ5M
  • Mobile Blood Donation Car
  • Recommend Models:
  • KT- TD5AWS
  • vehicle load model

dental clinics
  • Dental Clinic
  • Recommend Models:
  • KT- TD3WS
  • KT-TD3
  • Pet Hospital
  • Recommend Models:
  • Attached tool set
  • Full packed in flight case
  • Rotor installed

A laboratory benchtop centrifuge is also called a desktop centrifuge, which is different from a floor-standing centrifuge. It is compact and can be placed on the laboratory tabletop. The KETHINK desktop centrifuge series is small in size and saves experimental space. It has a multi-functional design that can realize low-speed and high-speed operation. It is equipped with angle rotors, horizontal rotors, horizontal swinging bucket rotors, etc. It can be adapted to centrifuge tubes and test tubes of various centrifuge tube sizes,helps experimenters achieve rapid centrifugation.

The machine size is usually smaller than that of a floor-standing centrifuge, the amount of samples that can be processed in batches in a benchtop centrifuge is smaller than that of a floor-standing centrifuge. It is generally used for experimental micro-sample detection and small-batch sample detection tests. It is used as an analytical centrifuge in hospital lab.

The working principle of the bench-top centrifuge and the floor-standing centrifuge are the same. They are laboratory equipment that uses centrifugal force generated by the rotating rotor to separate the components in the mixture of liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid.

Benchtop low-speed centrifuges are widely used in:

1) Medical field: hospitals, disease control centers, blood banks, animal husbandry and aquatic products, radioimmunity.

2) Research field: universities / research institutes / R&D center laboratories.

3) Production field: bioengineering, biopharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, biochemistry, plant extraction, blood preparations, food processing, petrochemicals, milk fat separation and other fields.

The KT-TD3WS prp centrifuge is the most hot selling centrifuge for beauty saloons and beauty hospitals for PRP therapy. Other benchtop centrifuges in this series are suitable for medical use, various medical samples can be processed in batches, and the rotor can be adapted to a variety of standard medical test tube / centrifuge tube capacities,i.e. 7 low speed benchtop centrifuges for 10ml 15ml 20ml tubes,6 low speed benchtop centrifuges for 50ml capacity tubes and 2 low speed benchtop centrifuges for 500ml bottles,etc.

The working principle and structure of the vertical centrifuge and the desktop centrifuge are the same. The only difference is the maximum capacity of processing samples. Due to the limitation of the structure design of the desktop centrifuge, the max sample capacity is smaller than that of the vertical centrifuge, and it is generally used for sample preparation for some analytical experiments.So a benchtop centrifuge price is usually cheaper than a land-floor centrifuge.

There are mainly two types of rotors that suits for tabletop centrifuge: angle rotors and horizontal rotors.

When the angle rotor is working, the axis of the hole where the centrifuge tube is placed is at a fixed angle between 25 and 30 degrees with the ground, so it is called an angle rotor.

8*15ml angle rotor
12*10ml angle rotor
24*10ml angle rotor low speed
24*10ml angle rotor
centrifuge rotor types

6*50ml angle rotor
centrifuge rotor tubes

24*2.2ml angle rotor

When the horizontal rotor works, the axis of the casing is parallel to the ground, so it is called a horizontal rotor.

According to the structure, the horizontal rotor can be divided into the following 5 types:

hhorizontal round cup rotor

horizontal round cup rotor

horizontal tube rack rotor

horizontal hanging cup rotor

100pcs centrifuge rotor for KETHINK auto decap centrifuge

horizontal hanging basket rotor


horizontal microplate rotor

The resistance of the angle rotor is smaller than that of the horizontal rotor, and it is suitable for high-speed separation, but not for large-capacity separation. The resistance of the horizontal rotor is greater than that of the angle rotor, so it is not suitable for high-speed separation, but it is suitable for large-capacity separation.

Different benchtop centrifuge rotator price is different depending on the rotating speed, style and material,ect. Its price also varies depending on the brand, manufacturing country, location too. Kethink benchtop centrifuge price ranges for each type are :

$Mini centrifuge price – $180 to $250

$Benchtop centrifuge price (low speed / high speed / large capacity) – $480 to $10,000

The cooling function can be added to the above centrifuges except mini centrifuge model. The price will be a little expensiver than room temperature centrifuge series.

The above price range does not include rotors, they need extra price.Customized rotor is available too.

If the customer consider that a new desktop centrifuge of famous brand is beyond the budget, you can consider buying a used benchtop centrifuge. But you need to look for a reputable seller of used lab equipment. Another budget-friendly solution is that you can buy from a professional manufacturer in China. The price is cheaper and first hand machine. KETHINK offers the best quality & top performance product line that Can meet a variety of application needs.

The centrifuge timer is in the control panel. If the timer breaks, you can only replace the control panel. After the replacement, if there is still a problem with the time setting, that means the control motherboard is broken, please disassemble the motherboard and sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

84211990.90 -lab centrifuge.

The KETHINK centrifuge is one of the equipment frequently used in biological scientific research and hospital blood laboratories. It requires relatively high equipment hygiene. To ensure the sanitation of the instrument, prevent pollution, and extend the service life of the machine, the cleaning operation of the laboratory centrifuge are specially listed for the usrer’s reference.

Cleaning frequency:

  • The surface of the casing and the sample bottle are cleaned once before and after use during the experiment.
  • The rotor and centrifuge cup are cleaned once a week.
  • When separating salt solutions or other corrosive samples, clean them immediately after use.
  • Cleaning in other special cases shall be carried out according to the specific conditions.

Cleaning supplies: bucket, brush, cleaning cloth, rubber gloves, brand detergent, 75% ethanol solution (disinfectant).

Cleaning of benchtop centrifuge:

Open the centrifuge door, take out the centrifuge windshield cover, turn off the power switch, and take out the centrifuge cups (including sample bottles) from the centrifuge around the rotor rotation center in a symmetrical order. Then clean the various accessories.

  • cleaning the centrifuge sample bottle: Pour the separated liquid in the sample bottle into a clean container, and pour the separated sedimentation waste into the waste bucket, rinse with drinking water to remove the residual dirt in the bottle, and use a detergent Brush the inner and outer surfaces of the sample bottle, and rinse off the residual detergent on the inner and outer surfaces with drinking water. After rinsing with purified water twice, control the water in the bottle, and wipe it with 75% ethanol solution once every working day.
  •  cleaning the centrifuge cup: Clean the inner and outer surfaces of the centrifuge cup with detergent, pay special attention to the cleaning of the grooves on both sides of the cup, and rinse the residual detergent with drinking water. Wipe dry with a dry cleaning cloth or dry upside down.
  • cleaning the inner cavity of the centrifuge rotor (including the windshield cover): When the sample is splashed and dripped on the rotor, it should be absorbed with a dry cloth immediately, wipe it 1-2 times with detergent, and wipe it with a clean damp cloth Remove residual cleaning agent, do not spray water or spray the rotor with water to prevent liquid from stagnating and causing corrosion, wipe it once with a dry cleaning cloth.
  • cleaning the exterior of the centrifuge casing: wipe once with drinking water, wipe off the accumulation of grease and dirt with detergent, then wipe with a clean wet cleaning cloth to remove residual detergent, and wipe with a dry cleaning cloth 1 time.

RPM is the number of revolutions per minute, and g is the absolute value of the acceleration produced by centrifugation.

KEHTINK centrifuge can realize the automatic conversion of RPM and g value. Plug in the power and turn on the centrifuge switch. The number of revolutions can be set by the speed adjustment key, the display panel displays the value synchronously, and the corresponding g value can be synchronously displayed in the upper right corner of the LCD screen.

If you don’t have a centrifuge,click here for a free RPM & RCF(g value) calculator to help.

Usually a small centrifuge (low speed / high speed) is smaller in size than a benchtop centrifuge. Its portable for outdoor operation too. It can work on a lab worktable and occupy less space. Restrained by its small size, the maximum sample handle capacity is less than a benchtop centrifuge. A benchtop centrifuge normally is with low speed, but has the advantages of larger capapctiy for mass sample processing, comparing with a small centrifuge.

For the convenience of portability, small centrifuges usually use plastic materials to make the casing and rotor, which are light in weight and only suitable for micro sample processing. The desktop centrifuge can handle a wider range of samples, mainly used in professional laboratories, and is made of metal for safer operation.