KETHINK Plasma Extractor Machine

KT-PE-II Manual Plasma Extrator for Blood Bank Blood Components Separation

Plasma Extractor Machine is designed to manually extract blood component from centrifuged bags. It is widely used in hospital, blood station, etc. After the plasma of blood bags is layered, the pressure of plasma-separating clip enables different components of blood to be extruded from top to bottom.It is one of the necessary equipments in the laboratory of hospitals and blood banks.

  • Model:KT-PE-II
  • Brand:KETHINK
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Clamping Force:20N
  • Applicable Blood Bag:100ml, 200ml, 300ml, 400ml
  • Type: Manual
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Machine Size(W*D*H):165*250*250mm
  • Package Size(W*D*H):310*310*240mm
  • Net Weight:2.5kg
  • Gross Weight:3kg
  • Delivery Date: within 7 working days


1. Fixed back plate is made in plexiglass, easy for visual checking.
2. Moving plate suits for various capacity blood bags, spring loaded front
moving plate exert pressure on the blood bag and squeeze blood components.
3. Non-slip wear-resistant shock-absorbing foot.
4. Handle lock provents unwanted movement during bag changing.
5. Easy-to-use lock/unlock device, spherical design, comfortable for user’s hand.

KT-PE-II blood plasma extractor use

Plasma Extractor Use

1. Press down the operating handle and hang it on the hand lock / hook.
2.Put the blood bag between the fixed and moving plates (two pieces of
plexiglass), with the blood collection tube facing up.
3.Loosen the handle, so that the moving plate slowly clamps the plasma,
and the moving plate exerts the clamping force to squeeze out the
different components of the blood from top to bottom. 

Plasma Extractor Function in Blood Bank

Hospitals and blood banks provide patients with one or two components of
blood according to the needs of disease treatment, so that one blood can be
used for multiple purposes. Therefore, it is generally necessary to separate
the plasma layer and the buffy coat from the blood bag together.
The commonly used method is:
1) Filter to remove white blood cells,
2) Put the blood bag into the centrifuge for blood stratification,
3) Put the blood bag after centrifugation into plasma extractor, manually squeeze
the blood bag, then plasma and red blood cell separated and enter into different blood
bag for storage.

Plasma Blood Extractor Price

QuantiyPrice (USD)Price in Pakistan(PKR)Price in India(INR)
26-5021046 42817288

Plasma Blood Extractor Maintenance

  • 1.Do not hang the handle on the hook all the time to avoid spring fatigue.
  • 2.It is strictly forbidden to use corrosive liquid to scrub the separator.