A medical centrifuge is a medical equipment used in hospital medical laboratories mainly for blood separation, DNA research, as well as for many other routine hospital applications. Separate serum and blood cells.

KETHINK offers versatile centrifugation solutions with 314 laboratory centrifuges from 15 trusted manufacturers in the laboratory industry. Offers an innovative line of benchtop, micro and mini centrifuges. With prices ranging from $68 to $63,112, RPM speeds ranging from 500 to 30,000, and maximum RCFs ranging from 155 to 31,514, rely on KETHINK to provide the right centrifuge unit for applications such as PCR, DNA/RN, and more.

High quality dental use PRF centrifuge is specially designed for concentrate growth factor (CGF) & platelet-rich fibrin ( PRF) production with PRP tubes used in oral implant & oral regeneration treatment. It is widely used and welcome by dentists for its compact size, low price and easy operation.

Electric centrifuge that can be used in many lab experiments. With various standard angle rotors & horizontal swing rotors, it can be used to centrifuge components that require lower rotating speed and less volume. i.e. It can be used for PRP preparation too.

Large centrifuge designed for large volume daily-working laboratories. The centrifuge has the characteristics of both a high-speed and a refrigerated. The maximum speed can reach 16500rpm, and it is compatible with large and small volume sample processing. The maximum capacity can reach 6*1000ml, and the refrigeration range is -20°C ~ +40°C, suitable for freezing centrifugation of all samples with a total capacity of up to 6000ml. By choosing different types of horizontal, angle rotor and even customized rotors, a series of tubes of various capacities and shapes can be used flexibly.

Microhematocrit centrifuges, which are used in hospital labs for hematocrit determination. Hematocrit measurement (also call PCV) refers to the percentage of red blood cells in a whole blood sample that is compressed by centrifugal precipitation under certain conditions. There are many methods for determination, and Wintrobe is still a commonly used method in clinical practice.

We offer a wide range of refurbished refrigerated centrifuges. From microcentrifuges and benchtop centrifuges to floor stand centrifuges. These are available in low speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge versions. In addition, we have many rotors in stock to meet almost all your needs.

Refrigerated centrifuges meet the needs of medium capacity. It allows molecular applications in tubes up to 250 mL. And additional swing bucket and fixed angle rotors and deep well plate capacity are available for added versatility. Perform a range of analyses such as PCR, antibodies, RNA and DNA using a refrigerated centrifuge with high speed and easy-to-use temperature control.

The small centrifuge is a compact centrifuge capable of centrifugation speeds of up to 15,000 rpm, or about 15,080 g. For RNA/DNA sample extraction, sedimentation of biological components, biochemical and chemical analysis of trace samples. Automatic unbalance closing and lid locking provide safe operation. The rotor accepts 1.5 to 2.0ml tubes directly, as well as 0.5ml and 0.2ml tubes with optional adapters.

The KT-TDZ5WS is a blood plasma centrifuge that reaches up to 4390xg. For plasma/serum sample extraction and separation, biological component sedimentation. Fast, powerful and affordable. All aspects of blood plasma centrifuge performance are taken into account without compromise. In addition to unparalleled speed (capable of achieving centrifugation speeds up to 5500rpm). Also provides shorter acceleration/deceleration times, low noise operation. Its computer-designed airflow pattern minimizes sample temperature rise during extended high-speed runs.

Low speed centrifuges are commonly used laboratory instruments. Using the principle of centrifugal sedimentation, the rotor is driven by a brushless motor to drive the rotor to rotate in the centrifugal chamber. The cells (particles) of different densities in the solution in the centrifuge tube are separated, concentrated or purified under the action of centrifugal force. Low-speed centrifuges typically spin below 10,000 rpm.

Low-speed centrifuges are versatile and have a wide range of applications. It can be used for the separation of granular solid suspension and the separation of fibrous materials. Widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood bank and other fields.

PRP centrifuge is specially designed for beauty saloon, aesthetic hospital / aesthetic training school etc for platelet rich plasma) PRP therapy/injection preparation. KETHINK’s PRP centrifuges have the technology needed to extract plasma from red blood cells.

Blood centrifuge adopts a DC brushless motor and single-chip control. It is a centrifuge that can complete the two steps of cell concentration and smear in the cell suspension at one time. Blood Centrifuge is ideal for blood banks/blood station for its large capacity whole blood separation capability. It can separate at most 18 picese of 400ml quad blood bags at one time. For plasma/serum sample extraction and separation, biological component sedimentation. Fast, powerful and affordable.

Cold centrifuges are used when samples need a consistent temperature range whilst running at maximum speeds. The cooling function is within the chamber itself which works best for heat-sensitive samples, and helps overcome the heat generated by the friction of the motor. Cold centrifuges can also have heating abilities allowing it to maintain a higher than ambient chamber temperature.

We have spent a lot of energy on the production and research and develop ment of digital centrifuge: complete product categories. various capacity. Our digital centrifuge has been CE approved. Centrifuges with various rotors can be customized upon customer requests.

It comes with four rotor options to ensure the most accurate possible outcome. Safety features include rubber feet to prevent slipping, and a lid that will only unlock when the machine comes to a complete stop.

KETHINK defines a new class of micro centrifuges: compact, fast, powerful and affordable. All aspects of microcentrifuge performance are considered without compromise. In addition to unparalleled speed (capable of achieving centrifugal speeds up to 15,000 rpm). Also offers shorter acceleration/deceleration times, low noise operation, and its computer-designed airflow pattern minimizes sample temperature rise during extended high-speed runs.

Mini centrifuges are characterized by their very compact size and limited power. These are typically located at each bench position and are always on call to perform quick spins and other activities related to sample preparation. Whether it’s PCR or microtubes, our mini centrifuges keep your samples spinning quietly. It also saves valuable work space.

Benchtop centrifuge designed for use on laboratory benches and other small workstations. These devices can be operated without temperature control, refrigerated or heated. Units are sold with or without rotors, and rotor options are also available. The choice of rotor will determine the maximum number of samples that can be processed simultaneously. And help determine the maximum gravity or velocity that can be achieved.

Tabletop centrifuges provide precise speed control when separating sample contents in clinical or research laboratories. Different spin method devices accommodate plate or tube samples of different sizes and capacities. Despite high-speed capabilities for high-throughput applications and rapid production, benchtop centrifuges are minimal noise. Simple control panel and display vary centrifuge rotor speed to modify tests to specific needs. The featured electronic timer provides unattended flexibility and maximizes laboratory efficiency. Select models offer easily interchangeable centrifuge rotors in a variety of capacities and support a variety of centrifuge tube sizes. Refrigeration option supports temperature sensitive samples.

Swing-out-24-place horizontal centrifuge utilizes horizontal centrifugation method. When the horizontal rotor rotates and accelerates, the centerline of the centrifuge tube gradually transitions from a parallel position to a position nearly perpendicular to the rotation axis. Compared with the traditional angle rotor centrifuge, the advantage of this horizontal centrifuge is that it can achieve large-capacity separation and facilitate the stratified removal from the centrifuge tube.

The high speed centrifuge has stable performance and easy operation. The speed is generally between 10000-30000r/min. It is mainly used for the separation of human specimens before pathological analysis, and is especially suitable for centrifugation in the PCR experimental area. Due to high rotational speed and large centrifugal force, it is an effective preparation instrument for high-purity separation, concentration and purification of suspended solids in sample solutions, and extraction of various samples for research use. For your convenience, we provide you with various series of high-speed centrifuge products.

Clinical benchtop centrifuge designed for benchtop use in clinical settings such as hospitals, research labs, etc.; used to process blood and other clinical samples at slower speeds. Available in a variety of capacities and speed ranges.

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Centrifuge Machine Types

A centrifuge machine is a laboratory equipment . For centrifugation or separation of fluids, gases or liquids based on density. Blood centrifuges can be found in most laboratories, from academic to clinical to research, for purification of cells, subcellular organelles, viruses, proteins and nucleic acids. There are many types of medical centrifuges, which can be classified according to the purpose of the centrifuge. From large floor-standing centrifuges to microcentrifuges, there are a variety of digital centrifuges available to researchers.

KT-GL22M 22000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-GL21M 21000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-GL18M 18000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-GL16M 16000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set

centrifuge machine for sale

KT-TDY5 4000rpm Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DL6B 6000rpm 4*1000ml Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DL5M 5500rpm 4*800ml Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT- GL10M 10000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT- GL26M 26000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-GL24M 24000rpm High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-TDY5A 4000rpm 48/72 pcs Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set



KT-TDY5C 4000rpm 80/96 pcs Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DLY5 4000rpm 80/96/100 pcs Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DL6A 4000rpm 120 pcs Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DL5A 4000rpm 96 pcs Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DL5B 4000rpm 100 pcs Auto Decap Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


KT-DD6A 4200rpm 100/124*5/7/10ml Centrifuges for Nucleic Acid Test

MOQ:1 set


KT-TDD6 4000rpm 48/72*5/7ml Centrifuges for Nucleic Acid Test

MOQ:1 set


KT-TDL6 4000rpm 48/72/96*5/7ml Centrifuges for Nucleic Acid Test

MOQ:1 set


KT-TDD5 4000rpm 4*100ml Crude Oil Centrifuge

MOQ:1 set


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KETHINK is a one-stop centrifuge supplier, factory, and manufacturer, providing most of the different types of centrifuge .

  • Blood Centrifuge: blood bag centrifuge, blood plasma centrifuge, blood bank cell washer centrifuge.
  • Benchtop centrifuge: benchtop mini centrifuge, table top cold centrifuge, benchtop plate centrifuge.
  • Microcentrifuge : hematocrit microcentrifuge, microcentrifuge refrigerated, mini Microcentrifuge, benchtop microcentrifuge, micro centrifuge.
  • Medical centrifuge: medical equipment centrifuge, medical LAB centrifuge.
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge: refrigerated benchtop centrifuge, large capacity refrigerated centrifuge, refrigerated micro centrifuge.


Founded in China in 2012, KETHINK has acquired a solid name in the manufacture and export of various centrifuges. KETHNK’s centrifuges are widely used in clinical, experimental, separation and purification and other fields. Certified by CE, and ISO9001 & ISO13485 listed.

KETHINK is a machinery company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of centrifuges for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries for their many applications. For over 10 years, we have an impressive track record in the field, serving the US, UK, Argentina, Jordan, Italy and more.


  • OEM/ODM is available, and centrifuges or rotors can be customized freely.
  • There are no MOQ restrictions for retailers, wholesalers, distributors or engineering companies.
  • control panel, logo,rotor customizable.
  • 1-2 year product after-sales service: when the warranty period expired, the maintenance will be charged.

Our Certificates

As a professional centrifuge manufacturer, our factory has passed CE, and ISO9001:2010, ISO13485 listed.

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Available to do OEM/ODM/SKD for all centrifuge. No MOQ limits for centrifuge retailers, wholesalers, and engineering companies.

Competitive Price

Our centrifuge has an absolute advantage in price. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.


Our centrifuge are CE RoHS approval, and our factory ISO9001:2010 marked. It is ok to do UL, TUL, CR, etc certificates if needed.


We uniquely design swing turrets and microplates for all centrifuges. Such as 48/96 well microplate and deep well rotors. 1/2/3 year warranty at the cheapest price.


We have experienced shipping forwarder, available to do shipping by air express, sea, and even door to door service.

Centrifuge Machine Diagram

Centrifuges are ideal separation equipment in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmaceuticals. The working principle of the centrifuge is mainly divided into two parts: the centrifugal part and the freezing part. The basic structure of the centrifuge includes: drive system, control system, refrigeration system, safety protection system, rotor, shell, cover, inner tank speed, centrifugation time and centrifugation temperature can be controlled by the program of the control system.

Centrifuge Machine Price List

ProductMax SpeedPrice
Mini Centrifuge6000rpm$60-80
Super Mini Centrifuge12000rpm$120-180
Small Centrifuge15000rpm$630-800
PRP centrifuge3000rpm$130-280
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
6000rpm/ 5500rpm/5000rpm/4000rpm/3000rpm$180 – 1280$150 – 880
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
20500rpm/20000rpm/18500rpm/16500rpm/16000rpm/12rpm$480 – 1800$200 – 900
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
6000rpm/5500rpm$4500 – 6500$150 -2000
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
30000rpm/22000rpm/21000rpm/20000rpm/18000rpm/18500rpm/16500rpm/16000rpm$2600 – 23000$180 -2000
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
21000rpm/18000rpm/16500rpm/16000rpm$5000 – 7500$150 -1000
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
6000rpm/5500rpm$2000 – 7200$150 -2200
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
8000rpm/7000rpm/6000rpm/5500rpm$6800 – 26000$180 -4600
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
26000rpm/24000rpm/22000rpm/21000rpm/18000rpm/16000rpm/10000rpm$15000 – 26000$880 -2500
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
4000rpm$4500 – 6500$780 -1500
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
4200rpm/4000rpm$1000 – 6800$680 -1300
Max SpeedPriceRotor Price
4000rpm$4500 – 6500$750 -1500

Centrifuge Machine Used

how to operate centrifuge machine

4 – Step used guide for centrifuge machine

  • The power supply should have a safe ground wire and a safe power supply.
  • It is strictly forbidden to replace the ground wire with a neutral wire, and it is not allowed to arbitrarily pull and modify the wires of the machine.
  • The place where the machine is installed is free of corrosive gas and the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%, and there should be no other strong vibration sources.
  • The table on which the machine is placed should have enough rigidity and hardness to support the instrument, and the table should be flat without any inclined surface, so that the four rubber feet of the machine can keep stable contact with the table.

Centrifuge Tube Machine

Centrifuge tubes for use with centrifuge instruments are available in glass and plastic types. Tubes are also available in a variety of volume capacities, RCF ratings, cap types, velocity resistance, sterile/non-sterile formats. as well as some characteristic scales to aid in volume measurement are available

Centrifuge tubes are a must for sample separation, stratification or density gradient separation. They find a variety of applications in biology (especially cell culture and microbiology), chemistry, clinical healthcare and the wider industrial setting.

PS: We mainly provide plastic centrifuge tubes.


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