Microplate Centrifuge with Rotor and Plate

The newly updated KT-TDM3 Microplate Centrifuge brings many innovative features. Microplate centrifuge with two microplate 48/96 wells. It is commonly used in ELISA experiments with a microplate reader in the laboratory. From modern exteriors to powerful interiors. As well as an aesthetically pleasing PCR microplate spinner, it provides outstanding performance for a range of microplate spin protocols.

This compact plate centrifuge can be used for 96/384 well PCR plates. Therefore, the KT-TDM3 Microplate Centrifuge is the perfect 96/384-well plate centrifuge. Suitable for all laboratories that routinely use PCR microplates. With a maximum capacity of 4296 wells, it is the perfect choice for laboratory batch sample processing. A variety of custom rotors are available, including deep well plate rotors.

  • Model NO: KT-TDM3(LED)
  • MAX Speed: 3000rpm
  • MAX RCF: 1780xg
  • MAX Capacity: 4 *2 *96 ml
  • Speed Accuracy:± 20r/min
  • Timer Range:1-99min
  • Motor: AC Inverter Motor
  • Noise: ≤ 55dB(A)
  • Power: AC 220V 50HZ 5A
  • Net Weight: 45kg
  • Device Dimension: 600*510*390mm(L*W*H)

KT-TDM3 Microplate Centrifuge Features

The KT-TDM3 includes a uniquely designed swinging turret capable of holding 2 microplates. The easily accessible rotor chamber includes two plate holders placed at a 75° angle. This allows confident insertion of the board without sealing tape or lids. After closing the centrifuge lid, the rotor accelerates and centrifugal force “swings” the plate into a horizontal position. Any droplets on the wall of the plate will quickly concentrate to the bottom of the well.

Using a g-force of 1780xg, most samples can be spun down in 20 seconds. To end the run, simply open the lid. The automatic electric brake brings the rotor to a quick, smooth stop in just 4 seconds. The plate can then be easily removed from the rotor.

  • Driven by brushless DC motor, no sparks, no carbon pollution, and low noise during operation which meets the requirements of laboratory work.
  • Adopt special shock absorption system.
  • Microcomputer control ,high speed control accuracy , touch panel helps the user to accurately set the operating parameters.
  • During the operation, the operating parameters can be modified and the corresponding centrifugal force at the current speed can be checked.

Microplate Centrifuge Rotors (optional):

NOItemMAX Speed(rpm)MAX RCF (xg)ELISA plate volume(ml)
N0.1Horizontal ELISA Plate Rotor3000rpm1780xg2*1 *48 well
N0.2Horizontal ELISA Plate Rotor3000rpm1780xg2*2*48 well
N0.3Horizontal ELISA Plate Rotor3000rpm1780xg2*2* 96 well
N0.4Horizontal ELISA Plate Rotor3000rpm1780xg4*2* 96 well
48X2 elisa plate
48*2 microplate swing bucket rotor
96*2 microplate swing bucket rotor

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