Table top cold centrifuge machine, high speed

Separation of temperature-sensitive materials are now easier, safer, and high-yielding with the KETHINK KT-TGL16W Cold Centrifuge. It has a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm (17,846 xg), maximum volume capacity of 10 x 5 ml.

The refrigerated model’s powerful refrigeration system has temperature range of -20°C to +40°C. The cooling system adopts imported environmentally friendly refrigerant. It helps overcome the heat generated by the friction of the motor within the chamber and keep mixture safe. Its compact tabletop design saves space in your lab and its super low noise performance is preferred in any working area.

  • Model: KT-TGL16W(LED) KT-TGL16WR(LCD)
  • Max Speed: 16000rpm
  • Max RCF: 17846xg
  • Max Capacity: 10*5ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ± 10r/min
  • Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +40°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Timer Range: 1-99m/9h99min
  • Display: LED/LCD
  • Compressed Units: imported environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Power: 880W
  • Noise: ≤60dB(A)
  • Motor: Brushless AC frequency conversion
  • Power Supply: AC 220V 50HZ 10A
  • Device Dimension: 400* 470 * 300mm(L*W*H)
  • Net Weight: 53 kg

Cold Centrifuge Rotors (Customized):

N0.1Angle rotor16000rpm17846xg8/10*5mlΦ14*54
NO.2Angle rotor15000rpm16350xg40*0.2/0.5mlΦ 6*22
NO.3Angle rotor16000rpm15436xg12*0.2/0.5ml Φ  8*33
NO.4Angle rotor16000rpm15436xg18*0.2/0.5ml Φ 8*33
NO.5Angle rotor15000rpm16350xg24*0.2/0.5ml Φ 10*42
NO.6Angle rotor15000rpm13856xg3*8*0.2ml(PCR  strip)Φ 6*22
NO.7Angle rotor16000rpm17846xg12*1.5/2.2ml Φ 10*42
NO.8Angle rotor14000rpm15869xg24*1.5/2.2ml Φ 10*42
NO.9Angle rotor12000rpm15869xg12 pcs capillaries Φ 4*100
NO.10Angle rotor12000rpm15869xg24 pcs capillaries Φ 4*100


  1. Centrifugal force and RCF value can be set separately, and can be exchanged at any time to observe
  2. Imported fluorine-free compressor unit, double-cycle refrigeration, strong cooling and heat exchange capability, and high temperature control accuracy.
  3. Equipped with a variety of rotors with different specifications, you can choose different rotors according to the centrifuge and sample.
  4. Door lock adopts intelligent electronic lock function, which is convenient for operation and improves the safety of use.
  5. Color digital and LCD liquid screen display speed, centrifugal force; temperature and time in the centrifugal cavity and other parameters can be changed at any time during operation without stopping.
  6. Maintenance-free brushless AC variable frequency motor drive speed control microcomputer control, high precision and low noise.
  7. Body adopts high-quality steel structure, built-in stainless steel inner cavity, stainless steel protective inner sleeve, three layers of protection, to ensure safe use.


Radioimmunity, medical laboratory, biochemistry, scientific research laboratory and other fields.


What is the minimum speed increment?

The speed can be increased in increments of 10rpm. The speed accuracy is ± 10rpm.

Are the rotors autoclavable?

The rotors are fully autoclavable within 120°C for 20 minutes to ensure effective removal of contaminants.

How do we maintain the rotors and interior of the centrifuge?

The rotors and interior should be cleaned & maintained regularly, normally once in a month.
1) Unplug the power cord and remove the rotor after the test.
2) Use a soft, moist cloth and neutral cleaning solutions (alcohol or alcohol-based disinfectant) to clean the rotor and interior chamber. Diluted 70% ethanol can be used for disinfection purpose.
Note: Do not pour water directly into the chamber. Any spill should be wiped immediately before using.
3)After wiping or rinsing the rotor with clean water, leave it to dry before installing.

How do I balance my samples?

If there is only one sample to run, make sure to put another tube with the same volume of water in the opposite hole. Balancing by mass is recommended if the density of sample and water is different. Check rotor holes for any spill or leftover residue from previous run.
Always balance your samples because running a centrifuge with unbalanced load may lead to permanent damage of the centrifuge.

What are the maximum values for acceleration and deceleration times?

The maximum acceleration and deceleration time are both 30sec.

How to open the lid in case of power failure?

In case of power failure / machine problem while running, to keep the sample safe, the lid will have to be opened manually.
1) Wait until it has come to a full stop.
2) Closed the power key, unplug the power cord.
3) Use the tool rod that comes with KT-TGL16W machine to insert into the small emergency open hole near power key and open the lid manually.