Hematocrit microcentrifuge, high speed 12000rpm

hematocrit microcentrifuge are also called micro hematocrit centrifuges, which are used in hospital labs for hematocrit determination.

Microcentrifuge refrigerated, high speed 16000rpm

KT-TGL16W refrigerated microcentrifuge is the perfect high speed rotating equipment used for the separation & pelleting of microliter(2ml or less) temperature-sensitive heterogeneous liquid mixtures or samples for lab

Mini Microcentrifuge, low speed 6000rpm

The KT-MC6000 Mini Microcentrifuge is a personal desktop centrifuge. Specifically designed for rapid centrifugation of micro-samples.

Benchtop microcentrifuge, high speed 16000rpm

KT-TG16W high-speed benchtop microcentrifuge is a centrifuge that is specially designed for micro-volume handling in the lab. 


  • Effortless Playing
    • Critical thresholds up to 15080 xg
    • Compact, fast, powerful and affordable.
  • Highly reliability
    • Capable of achieving centrifugal speeds up to 15,000 rpm
    • Offers shorter acceleration/deceleration times, low noise operation


KETHINK is a Microcentrifuge Manufacturer, Factory and Supplier. ISO9001:2010 and ISO13485 certified since 2010. The factory offers high-quality microcentrifuges with centrifuge tubes, as well as low-speed centrifuges below 10,000 rpm and high-speed centrifuges above 10,000 rpm, at competitive prices. Our microcentrifuges are CE certified. Centrifuges with various rotors can be customized according to customer requirements.

KETHINK is a professional microcentrifuge manufacturer in China. We can offer a variety of products to meet your application needs. From cell culture to clinical diagnostics to genomics. Various rotors and adapters are available. It can be safely and accurately matched to your work. Helps you achieve the optimum capacity and centrifugal force required for your application.


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Microcentrifuges are used to spin liquid samples down to 2 ml or less at high speed. Products vary based on sample tube size and the number of sample tubes that the microcentrifuge can hold in one run. In addition to small, ventilated, hematocrit, swing head, and angle microcentrifuges, the rotor angle can also be adjusted. Microcentrifuges work on the principle of sedimentation; due to centripetal acceleration, the denser material moves radially and the liquid components are separated. Products are designed with safety and ease of use in mind, and offer a compact design; while benchtop centrifuges can be equipped with rotors for microtubes, microcentrifuges typically have a smaller footprint, which makes work areas less crowded. Like other benchtop centrifuges, these units can be ventilated or refrigerated. Most are sold with rotors, but other replacement rotors may be available.

KT-TGL30M Refrigerated Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL20M Benchtop Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL20F Tabletop Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL20E Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL18M Table Top Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL18E High Speed Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL16M Ventilated Microcentrifuge


KT-TGL16W Ultra Microcentrifuge


Microcentrifuge Specifications

ModelMax SpeedMax RCFMax CapacitySpeed AccuracyTimer RangeTemp RangeTemp AccuracyMotorPower
30000rpm65800 xg4*100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C ~ +40°C土1°CAC inverter motorAC 220V 50HZ 10A,950W
20000rpm28948xg6*100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C ~ +40°C土1°CAC inverter motorAC 220V 50HZ 10A,1200w
22000rpm33660 xg6* 100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C 〜+40°C土1°CAC inverter motorAC 220V 50HZ 10A,1100W
21000rpm30930 xg6*100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C ~ +40°C土1°CAC inverter motorAC 220V 50HZ 10A,1100W
18000rpm23566xg6*100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C 〜+40°C土1°CAC brushless motorAC 220V 50HZ 10A,1000W
18500rpm23810xg6*100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C 〜+40°C土1°CAC brushless motorAC 220V 50HZ 10A,1100W
16500rpm20653xg4*100ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C 〜+40°C土1°CBrushless AC frequency conversionAC 220V 50HZ 10A,1100W
16000rpm17846xg10*5ml± 10rpm1-99m/9h59min-20°C 〜+40°C土1°CBrushless AC frequency conversionAC 220V 50HZ 10A,880W


Generally, we have common centrifuge products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization. We accept OEM/ODM/SKD. We could print your Logo / brand name on the casing. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:、


Our centrifuge can be customized with panel, casing, speed. Customized rotor available too. We can tailor according to the provided schematic diagram, or designed by us.


No MOQ limit. But for the max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.

Warranty periods

Mostly, our guarantee periods for our centrifuge is 1 years. Different guarantee periods will be with different solutions in raw materials.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.

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We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of centrifuge, and served more than 210 customers from worldwide.

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Our centrifuge has an absolute advantage in price. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

Testing Service

All products have been EMC tested to ensure the operator’s safety and reliability of the centrifuge in the working process.


We provide 1 year guarantee policy. Within warranty period, maintenance costs due to product quality will be on our account.


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According to the capacity of the separated sample,centrifuge can be classified into microcentrifuge and large-capacity centrifuge.

A Microcentrifuge is used for spinning liquid samples as low as 2 ml or even less (1.5ml, 0.5ml,0.2ml,etc) at high speeds in lab. Different microcentrifuges suit for different sample tube size and the number of sample tubes in a run.

With the improvement of inspection methods and the renewal of instruments, micro-detection technology is becoming more and more common. Some qualitative and quantitative tests often do not require a blood sampling device to draw the patient’s venous blood. As long as the peripheral blood is collected and a small amount of blood is drawn, it can be accurately detected, which can save many unnecessary steps. In clinical practice, the use of a small disposable suction nozzle to collect peripheral blood and use a microcentrifuge to separate serum can significantly improve work efficiency.

A high-speed microcentrifuge is a conventional laboratory centrifuge, widely used in scientific research, education and production departments such as biology, chemistry, medicine, etc., suitable for rapid separation and synthesis of micro-samples.

Microcentrifuge is the most commonly used type of instrument in molecular biology experiments. It is mainly used to collect and separate cells, organelles, and biological macromolecules. Usually in molecular biology experiments, the amount of reagents is often small, and the liquid can often be used up to 1uL. Many samples are small in size and invisible to the naked eye, which usually means that the sample is of good purity and contains no impurities and requires a machine suitable for microcentrifugation. The KT-TG16W benchtop high-speed microcentrifuge is especially suitable for the treatment of biological macromolecules after micro-manipulation in Eppendorf tubes.

Normally a microcentrifuge is designed to separate samples from 0.2ml – 2ml for each tube. KT-TG16W microcentrifuge can accomondate 0.2ml,0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.2ml small volume centrifuge tubes,it can also suits for 5ml centrifuge tube,rotating max capacity in a run reaches 10*5ml.

A microcenrifuge can be used for DNA extraction. The operation of the microcentrifuge for paternity testing is as follows:

  • Take blood samples :1-3 milliliters of blood is drawn from the veins of the human body.
  • Place the collected blood in a 1.5 ml centrifuge tube containing anticoagulant.
  • Take a small amount of blood and added DNA extract to it.(The purpose of adding DNA extraction solution is to extract DNA from cells and remove other substances. )
  • Put the sample in the microcentrifuge and began to centrifuge the sample (12000rpm, 15min). The purpose is to completely separate the protein red blood cells and DNA in the sample. After centrifugation in the centrifuge, the liquid in the centrifuge tube can obviously be divided into two layers. The bottom layer is slightly dark red, which is the protein red blood cell. The upper layer of clear and transparent liquid is DNA, which is separated separately in the next step.
  • Poure the refrigerated ethanol into the transparent liquid, and then shake the tube upside down, a white cotton-like thing appeared in it soon. This white cotton-like thing is DNA.

Balancing is always important (in order to not decrease the lifetime of the rotor), but especially so when centrifuging at higher speeds.If a microcentrifuge is not balanced, the rotor speed in the centrifuge will quickly cause the centrifuge body to vibrate, and it will even step over during operation, which is very dangerous. Therefore, microcentrifuges with higher speeds must be specially balanced when used.

Despite your efforts, however, imbalance errors caused by unbalanced sample loads can occur.So the sample solution in the centrifuge tube must be placed in the same amount, and the centrifuge tube must be symmetrically placed in the rotor test tube hole to ensure the rotor balance run.