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Dry block incubators, heat block / digital – KT-DH200

The KT-DH200 dry block incubator is a microprocessor-controlled dry block heating system with highly precise temperature control, making it an alternative to the traditional water bath devices. It is widely used in the sample preservation, reaction of DNA amplification, electrophoresis, degeneration, solidification and other kinds of serum biochemical sample thermostatic incubation process. There are four heating zone in the heating module, each zone can be timed independently. The system comes with hardware and software dual over-temperature protection functions. Automatic pre-heating design when power on saves opeartion time. Easy to operate control panel, digital LCD display running data and setting data simplifying laboratory procedures.

Model NO: KT-DH200
MOQ: 1 set
Price: negotiable
Block: customized blocks available
Warranty: 2 years for free,technical support for life
Packing: carton box with anti-shock foam
Payment: TT, paypal,western union
Delivery: within 5-7working days


With a unique design, compact size and small footprint, KT-DH200 heat block incubator is lightweight and can be placed on a benchtop or flat surface in any laboratory setting. Furthermore, optional 18 heat modules & customized module service allow for greater versatility as well as convenient replacement, cleaning, and disinfection.

  • LCD display, simple interface. Easy to set up and use.
  • Blue transparent lid prevents samples splashing out.
  • Accurate temperature control, high stability.
  • With four groups(A/B/C/D), timing independently or simultaneously.
  • Optional blocks are available for common laboratory tubes and plates.Custom blocks are also available upon request.
  • Automatic preheating function.
  • Auto resume to run after power failure.
  • Automatic running function.
  • Built-in temperature calibration function.
  • Built-in over-heating protection device, safe and reliable.
Temp setting range0°C ~110°C
Temp control rangeRT+5°C ~110°C
Timing range1min ~ 99h59min/∞
Temp accuracy≤±0.3°C@37°C*
Display accuracy0.1°C
Temp uniformity≤±0.3°C@37°C *
Heating time≤20min(from 25°C~110°C)
Auto heatingYes
Auto runningYes
Auto resume to runYes
Timing independently for each groupYes
Block quantity4
VoltageAC110V or AC220V/50-60Hz
Fuse250V  3A  Ф5×20
ModelTube DiameterCapacityModelTube DiameterCapacity
MD0412mm24MD130.2ml centrifuge tube48
MD0513mm24MD140.5ml centrifuge tube48
MD0615mm16MD151.5ml centrifuge tube24
MD0716mm16MD162.0ml centrifuge tube24
MD0819mm12MD170.2ml PCR plate96
MD0920mm12MD180.2ml Elisa plate96

What is a dry/heat block incubator?

A dry block incubator also known as dry block heater/ heat block, is a lab device for constant temperature heating of laboratory samples. The machine is generally composed of a main host and a heating block.

Generally speaking, the dry-type main host has several parameters such as temperature control range, heating time, temperature stability, module temperature uniformity, display accuracy, time setting and temperature, etc. As for the temperature control range, there are usually two types: 0-100°C and 0-150°C, which can be selected according to specific applications.

The heating block adopts high-purity aluminum material as the heat conduction medium to ensure excellent thermal conductivity and uniform heat distribution. Heating blocks with different hole diameters can be selected according to the size of the test tube. The device is widely used in molecular biology and clinical and environmental laboratories.

Currently on the market are mainstream digital dry baths. The digital units integrate a microchip into the model which allows the temperature of the bath to be controlled through the digital interface. Depending on the tube size of the block, the user can place a certain number of tubes in each block.

When Should I Use a Heat Block?

A heat block also known as dry block incubator, is a digital microprocessor controlled heater that provide precise regulation and rapid heating. The aluminum material module ensures that the heater can uniformly transmit heat energy to each module. The temperature control is regulated by digital display, which makes the control accuracy higher and more stable.

There are multiple advantages of using a KETHINK heat block. Compared with traditional water bath, it has the advantages of cleanliness, no pollution, small size, convenient movement, safety and reliability, simple operation, and fast temperature change. There is no need to worry about water accidentally entering the reaction tube and contaminating it Reagents will affect your experiment, while the temperature control is better, and the temperature control range is also wider.

It can be widely used in sample preservation, preservation and reaction of various enzymes, denaturation treatment of nucleic acid and protein, PCR reaction, pre-denaturation of electrophoresis and serum coagulation, etc. Commonly used in molecular biology experiments, such as enzyme digestion, protein denaturation, melting agarose, nucleic acid amplification detection pre-reaction, etc., as well as other experimental sample preservation, rapid serum precipitation, coagulation, etc.,.

A heat block is a common instrument in life science laboratories and hospital clinical laboratories, and it is also a good assistant for scientific researchers.

KETHINK offers a wide assortment of heat blocks at affordable prices.

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