Fat Grafting Centrifuge for 10ml 30ml 50ml Syringe | KETHINK

Model: KT-TDZ5M

The autologous fat transfer centrifuge is a new type of equipment that integrates liposuction, fat purification and uniform injection. The matched horizontal rotor and tube holder can be adapted to a variety of commonly used syringes. Clinically, it is easy to use. After blood draw, the syringe can be directly placed in the centrifuge to avoid cross-infection. It can safely and quickly liposuction, separation and purification, and precise injection, making fat transplantation safer, more efficient and simple. The operating time is 10 to 20 times faster than using the ordinary centrifuge method. The fat survival rate is high, the risk of fat plugs can also be reduced. It is a specially designed beauty centrifuge for plastic surgery hospital, skin disease hospital.

Warranty: 1 year for free,technical support for life

Delivery: within 10-15 working days

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KETHINK fat centrifuge horizontal rotor
  • The rotor of the syringe can be separated directly to avoid exposure to air during transfer to other containers, decreasing the risk of infection and increasing the fat survival rate.
KETHINK fat graft centrifuge air ventilation system
  • High performance air cooling system and heat dissipation holes ensure the four-degree storage requirement of blood cells & fat during the centrifugation process.
  • Equipped with a horizontal rotor, and the direction of gravity is single when rotating, which can increase the survival rate of cells.
  • The rotor body is made of high-temperature sterilizable material to avoid cross-infection. It can fit a variety of standard syringes from 5ml – 50ml.
Max Speed5500 rpm
Max RCF4390 xg
Max Capacity8 * 50ml
Speed Accuracy± 20rpm
Timer Range1 – 99min/9h59m
Display modeLED/LCD
MotorAC frequency conversion
NoiseAC 220V 50HZ 10A
Power Supply≤55dB(A)
Net Weight38Kg
Device Dimension540*440*370 (L*W*H) mm

Rotors (optional)

NoItemMax speed(rpm)Max RCF(xg)Capacity(ml)
NO.1Horizontal rotor body4000rpm3215xgRotor body
 Tube rack4000rpm3215xg4*4 * 5/10ml
 Tube rack4000rpm3215xg4* 6*5/10ml
 Tube rack4000rpm3215xg4*2* 20/30ml
 Tube rack4000rpm3215xg4 * 1 * 50ml
 Tube rack4000rpm3215xg4 * 2 * 50ml