Dry bath incubator, digital mini & lab

The KT-ES1000 Dry Bath Incubator is a semi-conductor controlled heating & cooling instrument with automatic temperature control design. It is normally used to warm & cool blood sample / liquids in experiment.

  • Model NO: KT-ES1000
  • Brand: KETHINK
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Price: negotiable
  • Block: customized blocks available
  • Warranty: 2 years for free,technical support for life
  • Packing: carton box with anti-shock foam
  • Payment: TT, paypal,western union
  • Delivery: within 5-7working days for standard

Unlike the traditional water bath, it provides large temperature control range and high precision. 10 common blocks suits for various capacity centrifuge tubes, PCR plate & Elisa plate for choice, customized blocks available too. With auto block recognition function, there is no need to manually select the right block from program. The adjustable heating lid could efficiently prevent sample evaporating in the tube & tube bursting, greatly improves the uniformity of temperature control. Digital screen display current operation and setting information.

The flexible timer, constant temperature function and multi-point operation mode makes it a unique and an ideal lab instrument. It is widely used in molecular biology , clinical and environmental laboratories.

What is a dry bath incubator?

A dry bath incubator is also called thermostatic metal bath or dry bath. It adopts microcomputer control and uses high-purity aluminum material as the heat conduction medium to heat the sample, which can replace the traditional water bath device. The problem of traditional water bath heating pollution can be avoided, and the temperature control is more accurate and the temperature control range is larger. Most dry bath incubators are made of an aluminum alloy which allows distribution of the heat in a uniform manner. Normally it is composed of a host and a block (removable/ non-removable). The block has many specifications to suits for different centrifuge tubes.

The equipment has the characteristics of convenient use, large temperature control range and high precision. It is widely used in sample preservation and reaction, DNA amplification and electrophoresis pre-denaturation, serum coagulation and other biochemical sample constant temperature incubation processes.

How to use dry bath incubator ?

Using a dry bath incubator properly will ensure you get the best results of your application and extend its lifespan.
The suggested standard operating procedure is as follows:
1) Make sure the machine is seated evenly and firmly. An uneven surface could cause damage as the machine can vibrate when rotate at high speed.
2) Clean the cone hole of the block before use.
3) Put in tubes/ plate and close the lid.
4) Close the lid and power on.
5) Basic operation: procedures selecting; temperature setting; speed setting; time setting.
6) The machine start working. When finished running, system will stop running automatically, and displays current temperature.
8) Power off,open the cover and take out the sample.
9) Cut off the power supply,clean the machine.

Dry bath incubator principle

A dry bath incubator directly or indirectly controls one or more heat and cold sources to maintain a desired temperature. To achieve this function, a dry bath incubator must have a sensing element and a transducer. The sensing element measures the temperature change and has the desired effect on the transducer. The converter converts the action from the sensing element into action that allows proper control of the temperature changing device.

  • Instantly displays operation information on the LCD screen.
  • Has combined temperature control system and block system. Each block has a built-in temperature sensor and heating/cooling unit, ensuring that temperature control is more accurate and the heating speed is much faster.
  • Interchangeable, auto-recognized blocks.
  • Adjustable heating lid. Temperature of heating lid can be controlled.
  • Multi-point(max. 5 points) and Multi-cycle( Max.99 times) operation modes are provided. 
  • Auto restart in case of power failure. 
  • Over-heating protection device is included.
  • Built-in temperature calibration function.
TypeCapacityTemp. range
ESC-0135×2.0ml centrifuge tubeRT-25℃~100℃
ESC-0235×1.5ml centrifuge tubeRT-25℃~100℃
ESC-0354×0.5ml centrifuge tubeRT-25℃~100℃
ESC-0496×0.2ml centrifuge tubeRT-25℃~100℃
ESC-0596×0.2ml Elisa plateRT-25℃~100℃
ES-0635×2.0ml centrifuge tubeRT+5℃~100℃
ES-0735×1.5ml centrifuge tubeRT+5℃~100℃
ES-0854×0.5ml centrifuge tubeRT+5℃~100℃
ES-0996×0.2ml centrifuge tubeRT+5℃~100℃
ES-1096×0.2ml Elisa plateRT+5℃~100℃
BlockES seriesESC series
Temp setting range0℃~100℃-10℃~100℃
Temp control rangeRT+5℃~100℃RT.-25℃~100℃
Time range1sec ~ 99h59min/∞1sec ~ 99h59min/∞
Temp accuracy≤±0.3℃@37℃≤±0.3℃@37℃
Display accuracy0.1℃0.1℃
Temp uniformity≤±0.3℃@37℃≤±0.3℃@37℃
Heating time≤12min(from 25℃ to 100℃)*≤12min(from 25℃ to 100℃)*
Cooling time 1≤12min(from 100℃ to 25℃)*
Cooling time 2≤25min(from RT to RT-25℃)*
Heating lid temp setting rangeOFF~+10℃OFF~+10℃
Heating lid temp accuracy≤±0.5℃*≤±0.5℃*
Heating lid heating time≤10min(from 25℃ to 100℃)*≤10min(from 25℃ to 100℃)*
Storage at 4℃Yes *
Multi-points runningYes(Max 5points)Yes(Max 5points)
Multi-cycleYes(Max 99times)Yes(Max 99times)
Auto runningYesYes
Auto heatingYesYes
Auto resume to runYesYes
CapacitySee optional block See optional block
VoltageAC110 or AC220V/50-60HZAC110 or AC220V/50-60HZ
Fuse250V  3A  Ф5×20250V  3A  Ф5×20
Dimension(mm)300*200*210 300*200*210
* Test condition accuracy is ±0.1℃.RT.25℃±2℃, block is 1.5mlx35, use mercurial thermometer,

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