Crude Oil Centrifuge Machine, Low Speed 4000rpm

The crude oil centrifuge is developed based on the analysis of water content or sediment determination (centrifugation method) for water-containing crude oil products and is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GB / T6533-86. It is an ideal equipment for the oil extraction industry and petroleum scientific research units to measure the water content of the produced liquid (ie, water-bearing and crude oil measuring instrument) in the process of oil field oil extraction.


Max Speed:4000rpm

Max RCF:3215xg

Max Capacity:4*100ml


Model: KT-DD5A

Max Speed:4000rpm

Max RCF:3215xg

Max Capacity:4*200ml


Why Test Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by Centrifuge?

  • Check the water content of the oil well, approve the output, and take water plugging measures in time.
  • Check the dehydration effect of crude oil at each oil gathering station in order to take further dehydration measures.
  • Check whether the water content of the crude oil before processing and refining exceeds the process regulations.
  • The need for custody transfer.

Working Principle of crude oil centrifuge

Put equal volumes of crude oil and water-saturated toluene solution into a conical centrifuge tube. After centrifugation, read the volume of water and sediment at the bottom of the tube.

NOTE: The measurement result is the total amount of water and sediment in the crude oil. In terms of water content alone, the measurement result is often lower than the actual water content, which can be considered as low precision. The advantages of this method are simple operation, fast speed, and relatively safe, and it is suitable for the determination of large quantities of crude oil with high water content.

Centrifuge Process of Oil Test

  • Add the sample to the 50 mL mark of the two centrifuge tubes.
  • Add 50 mL of toluene solution saturated with water in a constant temperature bath of 60℃±3℃ or 71℃3℃ to the upper meniscus into the two centrifuge tubes.
  •  Add 0.2 mL of demulsification solution to each centrifuge tube.
  • Close it tightly and invert it 10 times to ensure that the sample and the toluene solution are evenly mixed.
  • Put the centrifuge tubes in the horizontal rotor of a heated thermal centrifuge machine, balanced the tubes, set the temperature at 60℃±3℃ ,15 min.
  • Keep thermal centrifuge heated,centrifuge at 600 xg, 10 min.
  • Microcomputer control, large-screen LCD / digital display shows rotor number, speed, time, temperature, centrifugal force, acceleration and deceleration rate, and fault information.
  • Heated chamber adopt ring heater, with fast heating speed and even temperature, with temperature control and constant temperature functions.
  • The centrifuge tube is made by a special process, and the glass centrifuge tube will not break during operation.
  • Brushless DC motor, easy to operate, maintenance-free, dust-free, fast lifting speed and low noise.
  • Electronic door lock is equipped with a fault self-diagnosis system, over-speed and unbalance protection.
  • Body shell is made of high-quality steel structure; it is safe and reliable, and it is convenient to use.
  • Three-stage vibration reduction ensures the best centrifugal effect.
Max Speed4000 rpm4000 rpm
Max RCF3215xg3215xg
Max Capacity4* 100ml4 * 200ml
Speed Accuracy± 10r/min± 10r/min
Timer Range1-99min/9h59min1 -99min/9h59min
Temperature RangeRoom temperature+10°C~+70°CRoom temperature+10°C~+70°C
Temperature Accuracy±5°C±5°C
MotorAC frequency conversionAC frequency conversion
Power Supply220V 50Hz 10A220V 50Hz 10A
Device Dimension600 *500 * 390mm(L * W* H)710 *650 * 850mm (L* W * H)
Net Weight60 Kg110Kg

KT-TDD5 Rotors (optional)

NO.1Horizontal Rotor24*10/15ml40003215xg
NO.2Horizontal Rotor16*20ml40003215xg
NO.3Horizontal Rotor4*50ml40003215xg
NO.4Horizontal Rotor4*100ml40003215xg

KT-DD5A Rotors (optional)

NO.1Horizontal Rotor24*10/15ml40003215xg
N0.2Horizontal Rotor16*20ml40003215xg
N0.3Horizontal Rotor4*50ml40003215xg
N0.4Horizontal Rotor4*100ml40003215xg
NO.5Horizontal Rotor4*200ml40003215xg