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A sperm centrifuge machine is a necessary medical equipment for sperm washing in IVF & IUI laboratory. Centrifuge with density gradient centrifugation technology, it can effectively improve the vitality and quality of male sperm, increase the success rate of fertilization, and reduce the formation of abnormal embryos.

Gradient centrifugal sperm washing technology can separate sperm from other substances such as white blood cells and virus-containing semen. Therefore, male patients with infectious diseases can realize their desire to give birth to healthy children through sperm washing technology.

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Density Gradient Centrifugation Principle

The principle of density gradient centrifugation is that normal sperm and abnormal sperm, immobilized sperm and other cell components in semen have differences in motility, trajectory, and buoyancy density. The ability to run in a density gradient solution column is also different. After centrifugation the various components in the semen reach equilibrium in the density gradient solution column and stay at their respective isobuoyancy density points, so as to achieve classification of normal sperm.

Discontinuous density gradient centrifugation is a more commonly used method at present, that is, before centrifugation, solutions of different densities are layered to form a discontinuous density gradient solution column. It is believed that the discontinuous density gradient centrifugation can recover high-quality sperm, and the buoyancy density can protect the sperm from the damage of centrifugal force to a certain extent. It has been confirmed that, compared with the upstream method, the density gradient centrifugation method can recover more sperm with normal morphology, and significantly increase the vitality and in vitro viability of the sperm. Especially for people with severe semen abnormalities (small, weak, teratozoospermia, etc.), it can greatly improve the sperm recovery rate.

Puresperm Density Gradient Centrifugation Process

PureSperm is an oxidized silica gel solution coated with HEPES-buffered hydrophilic silane. The two-layer density gradient centrifugation method can effectively separate motile sperm from dead sperm, white blood cells and other mixed components in semen.

Sperm Sorting via Centrifuge Steps:

  • 1. Take 2mL 80% PureSperm solution and add it to the bottom of a 15mL centrifuge tube, and then slowly add 2mL 40% Pure-Sperm solution along the wall of the tube. Be careful not to mix, there should be a clear interface between the two liquids;
  • 2. Add slowly on the surface of the two liquids to have liquefied 2ml of seminal fluid, and pay attention to keep the interface between it and 40% PureSperm solution clear;
  • 3. Centrifuge at 300g for 20min at room temperature;
  • 4. Remove the supernatant, pipette the pellet into another test tube containing 5ml culture medium, mix well, and centrifuge again at 200g for 10min;
  • 5. Remove the supernatant, add the culture solution, adjust the sperm concentration to 1×105~3×105/mL, and place it in a 37℃5%CO2 incubator for later use.
Puresperm Density Gradient Centrifugation

Max Speed4000rpm
Max RCF2580 xg
Max Capacity4* 100ml
Speed Accuracy± 15rpm
Timer Range1~99min
MotorDC Brushless
Power SupplyAC220V 50HZ 5A
Net Weight25Kg
Device Dimensions500*420*320mm(L*W*H)


NoItemMax speed(rpm)Max RCF(xg)Capacity(ml)Tube Size(mm)
N0.1Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2350xg24*7/10ml(adapt 5ml)Vacuum blood collection tube
NO.2Angle rotor4000rpm2580xg12*10/15ml(adapt 5/7ml)Φ16*120
NO.3Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2580xg12*10/15ml(adapt  5/7ml)Φ16*120
NO.4Angle rotor4000rpm2580xg24*10/15ml(adapt 5/7ml)Φ16*120
NO.5Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2580xg4/6 * 50mlΦ29*105
NO.6Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2580xg4* 100mlΦ37*124

Centrifuge sperm for gender selection:through research, the use of sperm centrifugal separation technology can achieve gender screening.

The principle of centrifugal separation of sperm is that: the DNA content of X sperm is higher than that of Y sperm, resulting in the density and weight of X sperm being greater than that of Y sperm. Taking humans as an example, the DNA content of human X sperm chromosomes is about 2.8% more than that of Y sperm. To 3.0%. Therefore, X sperm will settle faster than Y sperm during centrifugation, so that X sperm and Y sperm can be separated.

XY sperm separation process:

  • 1. Semen is mixed with physiological fluids;
  • 2. Low-speed centrifugal treatment;
  • 3. Add weak lye after treatment to allow sperm to swim freely in the petri dish;
  • 4. Through morphological observation, take the sperm that swims faster, and preliminarily judge it as male sperm.

Sperm separation is available in the United States, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia and other countries, and the price is between $2,000 and $20,000. It is relatively cheap to do sperm separation in Thailand, and Thailand’s assisted reproductive technology has always been well developed. Choosing to do sperm sorting in Thailand is very cost-effective. But it should be noted that sperm sorting does not guarantee 100% birth of a boy, only 90% of sperm can be separated, which increases the possibility of having a boy.

IUI requires the production of high-quality sperm, which requires the male partner’s semen quality not to be too bad, and must meet the A-level sperm standard. Therefore, it is necessary to centrifuge and concentrate the highly viable sperm for preparation, and at least 4*10~6/ml after washing.