Orbital shaker incubator, benchtop

Orbital Shaker-Incubator is a compact benchtop Shaker–Incubator used for mixing of biological liquids as well as for incubation and cultivation of biological liquids according to the operator set program.

  • Model NO: KT-TOS20
  • MOQ: 1 set
  • Price: negotiable
  • Block: customized blocks available
  • Warranty: 2 years for free,technical support for life
  • Packing: carton box with anti-shock foam
  • Payment: TT, paypal,western union
  • Delivery: within 5-7working days

It is widely used in bacterial suspensions, hybridisations, staining and de-staining, metabolism studies and cell culturing.


KT-TOS20 Orbital Shaker Incubator adopts DC brushless motor and microcomputer control technology, perfectly combine the air bath function and shaking function together. With total 7 platforms/trays for choice, it can mix and culture all kinds of samples in common flasks, petri dishes ,Elisa plates, beakers and etc.

Built–in microprocessor thermo controller provides constant temperature control in the incubator chamber. Variable speed, microprocessor control technology provides consistent, uniform shaking action. The LED display and translucent cover makes the whole sample processing status visible and controllable. It is extremely easy to operate, with very straightforward setup of temperature, speed and time.

  • Instantly display operation information(time, temperature and speed) on the LCD screen.
  • Gentle and reliable shaking with direct brushless DC motor.
  • Seven interchangeable platforms can be chosen for variety demands.Running safely –-heating and shaking will be automatically stopped once the lid is open.
  • Auto restart in case of power failure.
  • Over-heating protection device is included. 
  • Built-in temperature calibration function.
  • Compact, only 421mmx320mm(DXW)
Parameter KT-TOS20
Temperature setting range0°C ~60°C
Temperature control rangeRT.+5°C ~60°C
Time range1min ~ 99h59min/∞
Temp. accuracy≤±0.5°C(@37°C)
Display accuracy0.1°C
Temp. uniformity≤±0.5°C(@37°C)
Shaking range50~300rpm
Platform dimension230*230mm
Internal chamber height182mm
Load capacity4.0kg
Heating time≤15min(from 25°C to 60°C)
Auto resume to runYes
Fuse250V  3A  Ф5×20
PF-1Platform with clamps for 5×250ml conical flask
PF-2Platform with clamps for 9×100ml conical flask
PF-3Platform with clamps for 10×50ml tube
PF-4Platform with clamps for 18×15ml tube
PF-5Platform with spring holder
PF-6Platform for 4pcs Elisa plates or deep-well plates
PF-7Flat platform for 5pcs petri dishes

Q: Is it possible to use the appliance for media heating in Petri dishes?

  • Yes, it can be used for media heating in Petri dishes which must be covered to prevent drying. It has the auto temperature calibration function.

Q: Does the maximum load include the weight of the platform and mat ?

  • The maximum load capacity of KT-TOS20 does not include the weight of platform/tray and mat. The basic setting of the machine does not include tray.

Q: What is orbital shaker incubator?

  • A shaker incubator is a lab instrument that perfectly combines the function of sample incubate and shaking function together. It can incubate and shake samples simultaneously. It’s temperature heating function can be calibrate, speed is variable too.
  • A shaker incubator can shake with different shaking motion. An orbital shaker incubator has a circular shaking motion with low to high speed with less vibrations. It is an ideal lab instrument for labs require general-purpose shaking applications in cell culture, bacterial growth and suspension, staining and washing procedures.

Q: What is an orbital shaker used for?

  • A shaker incubator is an ideal lab instrument for labs require general-purpose shaking applications in cell culture, bacterial growth and suspension, staining and washing procedures.

Q: How do you use orbital shaking incubator?

Using an orbital shaking incubator properly will ensure you get the best results of your application and extend its lifespan.
The suggested standard operating procedure is as follows:
1) . Make sure the machine is seated evenly and firmly. An uneven surface could cause damage as the machine can vibrate when rotate at high speed.
2) Put/Install tray in the chamber. Some trays need to be fixed by screws. For Elisa plate/ deep-well plate, should insert the elisa plate into platform, then press the plate vertically to ensure smooth installation.
3) Close the chamber cover.
4) Power on.
5) Basic operation: procedures selecting; temperature setting; speed setting; time setting.
6) The machine start working. When finished running, system will stop running automatically, and displays current temperature.
8) Power off,open the cover and take out the sample.
9) Cut off the power supply,clean the machine.

Q: Why is shaker incubator used?

  • Cell culture requires a suitable growth environment and growth temperature, which requires the selection of a suitable shaker for assistance. A shaker incubator is mainly used for shaking & culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, strains, etc.

Q: What is the difference between rotary shaker and orbital shaker?

  • The only difference is they shake in different ways. A rotary shaker shaking by rotating through 180° of arc. While an orbital shaker provides a circular shaking motion.
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