medical centrifuge (also called doctor centrifuge/clinical centrifuge) is a medical equipment used in hospital medical laboratories mainly for blood separation, DNA research, as well as for many other routine hospital applications. Separate serum and blood cells, the above serum is used for various biochemical tests. Thus, the medical equipment centrifuge is necessary & important equipment for the hospital laboratory.

KETHINK is a Medical centrifuge manufacturer, factory and supplier in china since 2010, with ISO9001:2010 & ISO13485, providing high-quality medical centrifuges with centrifuge tubes, As well as low-speed centrifuges below 10,000 rpm and high-speed centrifuges above 10,000 rpm, the price is competitive. Our medical centrifuge has been CE approved. Centrifuges with various rotors can be customized upon customer requests.


  • Effortless Playing
    • Auto recognition of the rotor number and recall the default rcf & speed value.
    • On-key to play.
  • Highly reliability
    • Auto door lock system
    • Stainless steel shell and inner cavity. The metal rotor tube is anti-corrosion.
    • Auto alarming & system stop.


  • Rotor types: angle rotor, horizontal swing-out rotor with tube rack/ basket /hanging cups/ adapters, horizontal Elisa plate rotor,continuous centrifugal rotor,etc.
  • Rotor material : high-speed and low-speed options, the materials are different. Generally, the high-speed rotor is made of metal, and the low-speed rotor is made of plastic. Some high-speed rotors are equipped with a hood to prevent the sample from splashing during the centrifugation process and contaminate the inner cavity of the centrifuge.
  • Angle rotor capacity: 12*5/7ml, 12*7/10ml, 18*5/7ml, 24*5/7ml, 8*10/15ml, 6*15ml, 12*10/15ml, 12*20ml, 24*15ml, 30*15ml, 4*50ml, 6*50ml, 4*100ml, 6*100ml,4*500ml, 24*10ml etc.
  • Horizontal swing-out rotor capacity: 12*10/15ml, 24*7/10ml, 12*10/15ml, 24*10/15ml, 4/6*50ml, 4*100ml,8*100ml, 4*250ml,etc.
  • Elisa plate rotor: 48/96 holes.
  • Customized rotor available.


Medical equipment centrifuge, high speed 12000rpm

It is a high capacity, high speed Medical Equipment Centrifuge: max speed 12000 rpm. The body adopts high quality steel structure.

Medical LAB centrifuge, low speed 6000PRM

The highlight feature of KT-TD6AWS digital display Medical laboratory centrifuge with max speed 6000rpm is its extraordinary auto-balance function & versatility.

Medical centrifuge machine, low speed 5500rpm

It is a high capacity, low speed Medical Centrifuge Machine: 5500 rpm. The body adopts high-quality steel structure. Built-in stainless steel inner cavity

KT-TD6AWS/KT-TD6AMR low-speed medical centrifuge

The KT-TD6AWS/KT-TD6AMR is a versatile low-speed Medical centrifuge that can be used in many medical lab. With various standard angle rotors & horizontal swing rotors, it can be used to centrifuge components that require lower rotating speed and less volume. i.e. built-in stainless steel inner cavity and stainless steel explosion-proof protection inner sleeve. Fitted with microprocessor based single lines 10 characters LCD/LED panel for 1-99 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and programmable speed controller.

Max SpeedMax RCFMax CapacitySpeed AccuracyTimer RangeDisplayMotorNoisePowerNet Weight(kg)Dimension(LWH)Model No
6000rpm5180xg4*500ml± 20rpm1-99minLED/LCDAC inverter motor≤62dB(A)700W AC 220V 50HZ 10A
Rotors Data

KT-TD5AWS/KT-TD5AMR high volume medical centrifuge

Separation of heterogeneous mixtures are now easier, safer, and high-yielding with the KT-TD5AWS/KT-TD5AMR.The centrifuge was developed with your molecular biology routine applications in mind. It has a maximum speed of 55,00 rpm (4650 x g), maximum volume capacity of 4*500ml.

Max SpeedMax RCFMax CapacitySpeed AccuracyTimer RangeDisplayMotorNoisePowerNet Weight(kg)Dimension(LWH)Model No
5500rpm4650xg4*500ml± 20rpm1-99minLED/LCDAC inverter motor≤65dB(A)600W AC 220V 50HZ 10A
Rotors Data

KT-TDZ5WS/KT-TDZ5MR modern medical centrifuge

KT-TDZ5WS/KT-TDZ5MR is a modern low-speed 5500rpm medical centrifuge designed for operation with micro-test plates and centrifuge tubes up to 250 ml. This device is widely used in biomedical profile laboratories. KT-TD5AWS/KT-TD5AMR centrifuges compact design saves space in your lab and its low noise performance is preferred in any working area.

Max SpeedMax RCFMax CapacitySpeed AccuracyTimer RangeDisplayMotorNoisePowerNet Weight(kg)Dimension(LWH)Model No
5500rpm4390xg4*250ml± 10rpm1-99minLED/LCDAC frequency conversion≤55dB(A)450W AC 220V 50HZ 10A
Rotors Data

KT-TDZ4AWS desktop medical centrifuge

KT-TDZ4AWS medical centrifuge was designed with you in mind to deliver an ergonomic, intuitive, and durable solution that fits comfortably right on your lab bench! An advanced heating technology provides the best treatment and assures quick, efficient and gentle vacuum concentration of DNA/RNA, nucleotides, proteins and other liquid or wet samples.

Max SpeedMax RCFMax CapacitySpeed AccuracyTimer RangeDisplayMotorNoisePowerNet Weight(kg)Dimension(LWH)Model No
4000rpm2580xg4*100ml± 15rpm1-99minledDC brushless≤55dB(A)140W AC 220V 50HZ 5A
Rotors Data

KT-TDZ4WS digital medical centrifuge

KT-TDZ4WS medical centrifuge is designed with built-in stainless steel inner cavity and stainless steel explosion-proof protection inner sleeve. Fitted with microprocessor based 10 lines 16 characters LCD panel for 1-99 minutes countdown timer, digital rpm meter and programmable speed controller.Prices does not include rotor.

Max SpeedMax RCFMax CapacitySpeed AccuracyTimer RangeDisplayMotorNoisePowerNet Weight(kg)Dimension(LWH)Model No
4000rpm2480xg4*50ml± 15rpm1-99minledDC brushless≤55dB(A)110W AC 220V 50HZ 5A
Rotors Data


Horizontal Rotor Installation Video

4 – Step installation guide for medical centrifuge

  • The power supply should have a safe ground wire and a safe power supply.
  • It is strictly forbidden to replace the ground wire with a neutral wire, and it is not allowed to arbitrarily pull and modify the wires of the machine.
  • The place where the machine is installed is free of corrosive gas and the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%, and there should be no other strong vibration sources.
  • The table on which the machine is placed should have enough rigidity and hardness to support the instrument, and the table should be flat without any inclined surface, so that the four rubber feet of the machine can keep stable contact with the table.


  • KETHINK is the best medical centrifuge manufacturer, supplier and factory since 2010. We provide all types of centrifuges.
  • The R&D team has more than ten years of working experience in the centrifuge industry.
  • Our medical centrifuges have passed CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485.
  • Our random gift of plastic centrifugal tubes suit for different centrifuge capacity.
  • OEM/ ODM/ SKD order available.
  • Free to print LOGO, or color boxes for bulk orders.
  • Provide second-hand medical centrifuge maintenance services.
  • Our medical centrifuge has been exported to US, UK, Indonesia, Italy,South Africa, Oman, and Singapore at competitive prices & 1 year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical centrifuge is an instrument that uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate, concentrate or purify cells (particles) of different densities in a solution under the action of centrifugal force for medical use.

Medical centrifuges are widely used in medical research or hospital testing. Their various sizes are suitable for many different application scenarios. They are mainly used in the hospital for centrifugal layering of blood components, blood separation, etc.

The rotor is the main part of the centrifuge and is installed on a vertical or horizontal shaft that rotates at a high/low speed.

Medical centrifuges are mainly used to separate components from blood. By spinning at high speed, white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and other substances are separated.Put anticoagulant into the blood,due to the different specific gravity, the blood will be stratified after separation. It is divided into three layers, with pale yellow translucent plasma on the top, white white blood cells and platelets in the middle, and dark red red red blood cells at the bottom.

Centrifuge is a laboratory basic diagnostic equipment, belonging to class I of medical equipment. Medical centrifuge manufacturers need corresponding production qualifications.

KETHINK is a professional medical centrifuge manufacturer in China. We offer an innovative line of benchtop medical centrifuges,with prices ranging from $300 to $4000, RPM speed ranging from 3000 rpm to 6000 rpm. Various of rotors & customized rotors for choice,depending on different workflow in lab.

The structure of low-speed centrifuge is simple, consisting of motor, centrifugal head, governor, timer, centrifugal sleeve and base.

High speed (frozen) centrifuge and overspeed (frozen) centrifuge usually by rotating device, speed control system, temperature control system, vacuum system, ventricular, centrifugal head and safety protection device.

Centrifuges are used in various hospital laboratories to separate blood,urine,human cell etc.

After the blood is drawn, put it in the air and let it stand for a period of time. Half an hour to an hour later, it will separate by itself. But this method of extracting serum from blood is not complete. It is best to use a medical serum centrifuge and extract at the specified speed.

The time varies with different test purpose. Usually needs at least 10 min to spin blood at low speed.

A centrifuge in a medical laboratory rotates for blood separation are generally low-speed centrifuge rotates at an angular speed of 3600 rpm- 4000 rpm, 5-10 minutes.The centrifugal effect is not good if the speed is too low or too high. The last used settings for running time and speed are automatically saved.

The medical centrifuge is a basic instrument necessary for the laboratory and has a wide range of uses.KETHINK benchtop medical centrifuges can meet the needs of most hospital medical laboratory. 

  • Four items of coagulation test 

The four items of coagulation are very common test items in the laboratory, which are mainly used for the examination of thrombotic diseases. It is a must-check item before surgery, a pre-thrombosis check item, and a monitoring bed for patients with oral anticoagulants. The general centrifugation protocol is: 3000 rpm, 10 min and then test.

  • Blood type testing

 The correct identification of blood type is one of the most important routine tests of blood station/hospital laboratory, because the correct blood type is related to the life safety of the blood recipient. Confirmation is performed at 3000rpm, 5min centrifugation conditions. The test results show that the correct interpretation rate of ABO and RH blood types under this centrifugal condition is 100%.

Besides of our benchtop medical centrifuges (multi-functional purpose), a specially designed gel card centrifuge KT-TXK4 can also perfome the human blood type testing centrifuge with special rotor suits for 12/24 cards.

  • Urine sediment detection

Take 10ml urine into the centrifuge tube, set the relative centrifugal force (RCF) 400g, effective centrifugal radius 15cm*1500rpm, centrifuge for 5min. Reserve 0.2ml sediment by standard operation and mix well, add 20uL to the urine sediment quantitative counting plate, and let it stand for 3min then count.

Besides of our benchtop medical centrifuges (multi-functional purpose) , a urinary sediment centrifuge KT-TDZ4E with multi-tube rack is recommend for only urine sediment test purpose.

  • Detection of glycosylated hemoglobin

Clinically, HbAlc is often used as an important auxiliary diagnostic index for diabetes. Because the life span of red blood cells is shortened during anemia, the Hb level is reduced, the time that Hb in the red blood cells is exposed to glucose in the blood is shortened, and the time of glycosylation is shortened, so the HbAlc level is low. When using packed red blood cells to detect glycosylated hemoglobin, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, centrifuge at 3000rpm and the time should be controlled at least 2min.

  • Biochemical test of abdominal effusion

Ascites is a common clinical syndrome, often caused by inflammatory infection, tuberculosis, tumor, heart failure, liver cirrhosis, etc. Laboratory testing is helpful for the differential diagnosis of the nature of effusion, thereby providing an important basis for clinical diagnosis. Different centrifugation protocols (1500rpm*5min and 3500rpm*15min) before and after treatment, the results were not statistically significant (P>0.05), but in view of the fact that there are often clots in the ascites, especially in the exudate, it is easy to cause the needle to block or aspirate inaccuracy, etc. cause instrument loss or result deviation. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-process the puncture fluid by centrifugation. The centrifugal speed should not be too low and the centrifugation time should not be too short.

  • Cerebrospinal fluid testing

Infections, tumors, trauma, etc. in any part of the central nervous system can cause changes in the properties and composition of cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospinal fluid examination provides a basis for the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous system diseases. Normal cerebrospinal fluid is colorless and transparent. When the cerebrospinal fluid is red, it is necessary to distinguish pathological hemorrhage from puncture injury. At this time, a centrifuge machine is used, 1500rpm, and then judged according to the color of the upper layer.

  • Clinical biochemical testing

The commonly used clinical test method of biochemical laboratory is centrifugation. The various indicators of biochemical test are an important basis for clinical diagnosis of diseases. It is of great significance for the accurate diagnosis of patients and timely correct clinical treatment. Centrifuge at 4000rpm, freezing/high temperature storage can cause hemolysis and affect the accuracy of the results.

  • Assisted reproduction

Experimental results show that low-speed, short-term centrifugation has no obvious effect on sperm motility and 6-hour survival rate, but it can improve sperm motility, which is manifested by increased sperm penetration. Current studies have shown that sperm motility, especially the forward motility of sperm, is an important factor in determining whether sperm can be fertilized. The in vitro sperm processing technology in assisted reproduction aims to improve the motility of sperm to a certain extent after in vitro processing, thereby increasing its fertilization rate. When the centrifugation speed and time are 1000r/min and 6min by horizontal rotor, the sperm motility can be increased. Increasing the centrifugation speed and time will reduce the sperm motility.

Have a Special Requirement?

Generally, we have common centrifuge products and raw materials in stock. For your special demand, we offer you our customization service. We accept OEM/ODM/SKD. We could print your Logo / brand name on the casing. For an accurate quotation, you need to tell us the following information:


Our centrifuge can be customized with panel, casing, speed. Customized rotor available too. We can tailor according to the provided schematic diagram, or designed by us.


No MOQ limit. But for the max quantities, it will help you get the cheaper price. More quantity ordered, the lower price you could get.

Warranty periods

Mostly, our guarantee periods for our centrifuge is 1 years. Different guarantee periods will be with different solutions in raw materials.


Tell us your application or detail information for your projects. We can offer you the best choice, meanwhile, our engineers can give you more suggestions under your budget.


KETHINK is one of the medical centrifuge manufacturers which is specialized in producing, designing, supplying, exporting centrifuges.

Manufacturing and exporting centrifuges including medical centrifuges, PRP centrifuges, high-speed centrifuge, blood centrifuges, gel card centrifuges, etc, all of the centrifuges are CE Standard. For all of the orders, we can do customized designs for color boxes, and print logos on the body.

What we can offer you…

Best Quality

We have rich experience in the manufacture, design and application of centrifuge, and served more than 210 customers from worldwide.

Competitive Price

Our centrifuge has an absolute advantage in price. Under the same quality, our price is generally 10%-30% lower than the market.

Testing Service

All products have been EMC tested to ensure the operator’s safety and reliability of the centrifuge in the working process.


We provide 1 year guarantee policy. Within warranty period, maintenance costs due to product quality will be on our account.


We have experienced shipping forwarder, available to do shipping by air express, sea, and even door to door service.