Wholesale horizontal centrifuge machine for PRF

KT-TDZ4AWS swing-out-24-place horizontal centrifuge utilizes horizontal centrifugation method. When the horizontal rotor rotates and accelerates, the centerline of the centrifuge tube gradually transitions from a parallel position to a position nearly perpendicular to the rotation axis. Compared with the traditional angle rotor centrifuge, the advantage of this horizontal centrifuge is that it can achieve large-capacity separation and facilitate the stratified removal from the centrifuge tube.

  • Model NO: KT-TDZ4AWS(LED)
  • Max Speed: 4000rpm
  • Max RCF: 2580xg
  • Max Capacity: 4* 100ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ± 15rpm
  • Timer Range: 1~99min
  • Display: LED
  • Motor: DC Brushless
  • Noise: ≤55dB(A)
  • Power: 140W
  • Power Supply: AC220V 50HZ 5A
  • Net Weight: 25Kg
  • Device Dimensions: 500*420*320mm(L*W*H)

Horizontal Centrifuge Rotors(customizable)

NoItemMax speed(rpm)Max RCF(xg)Capacity(ml)Tube Size(mm)
N0.1Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2350xg24*7/10ml(adapt 5ml)Vacuum blood collection tube
NO.2Angle rotor4000rpm2580xg12*10/15ml(adapt 5/7ml)Φ16*120
NO.3Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2580xg12*10/15ml(adapt  5/7ml)Φ16*120
NO.4Angle rotor4000rpm2580xg24*10/15ml(adapt 5/7ml)Φ16*120
NO.5Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2580xg4/6 * 50mlΦ29*105
NO.6Horizontal rotor body+ tube rack4000rpm2580xg4* 100mlΦ37*124

Model TDZ4AWS: Features

  • Adopt maintenance-free DC brushless motor, ultra-low noise.
  • Microcomputer control, intelligent interface and fault display can be set at any speed.
  • Various automatic protection functions: door cover and over-speed to ensure safety use.
  • A variety of rotors are available for selection, multi-function, economic price.
  • Stable operation, low vibration and low noise.
  • The body adopts high-quality steel structure, built-in stainless steel inner cavity, explosion-proof protective inner sleeve.


  • separation of blood samples in clinical tests,
  • hospital laboratories
  • beauty salons
  • dental hospitals, etc.

Our Customer Review

Advantages of Horizontal Centrifugation

  • PRF – better horizontal layer separation between clots and erythrocytes
  • Higher growth factor release compared to fixed angle centrifugation
  • More platelets and white blood cells
  • More even distribution of regenerative cells throughout the PRF clot
  • less red blood cell accumulation
  • Fixed-angle centrifugation produces less cell damage/death on the tube wall

Platelets and leukocytes are accumulated within the upper PRF layer under effective centrifugation. Protocols utilized using our KT-TDZZ4AWS horizontal centrifugation are able to accumulate more platelets and leukocytes when compared to standard fixed-angle centrifuges. 4 swing-out rotors & 2 angle rotors option makes it more versatile.