Plate Centrifuge

Equipping your lab with a plate centrifuge awaits your first steps to meet your requirements. Choose the right type of wholesale centrifuge you wish to purchase from our vast selection of laboratory centrifuges now available online. We also offer a comprehensive range of micro and mini centrifuges.

Whether you are looking for a centrifuge or any other clinical centrifuge for your laboratory or any other purpose, you will find a wide variety of quality products on our online marketplace. Countless types of centrifuges and related machines such as portable centrifuges, large centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges are also easily available at very affordable prices. Choose from a variety of small centrifuges, vacuum centrifuges, 96-well plate centrifuges, thermal science centrifuges and medical centrifuge bundles.

Did you find some plate centrifuges that might be the special item you’ve been looking for. Choose your ideal laboratory centrifuge, tailored to the requirements of your specific application and specific laboratory budget, and equipped with our easy-to-use filtration options. Just start shopping on KETHINK with confidence.

96 well plate centrifuge for 2 PCR Plates

KT-MPC2800 96 well Plate Centrifuge is designed for quick spins of samples in PCR plates.

Mini plate spinner centrifuge, 384 well PCR plate

KT-MPC2800 mini plate spinner centrifuge is designed for quick spins of samples in PCR plates.

Benchtop plate centrifuge, low speed 3000 rpm

KT-TMD3 is a specially designed benchtop plate centrifuge with a microplate rotor for a 48/96 well.

Microplate centrifuge with rotor and plate

The newly updated KT-TDM3 Microplate Centrifuge brings many innovative features. Microplate centrifuge with two microplate 48/96 wells.