Veterinary Centrifuge, high speed 13000 rpm

The high-speed veterinary centrifuge KT-TGL16M is equipped with a 12*1.5ml angular rotor, and its 1.5ml centrifuge tube mainly collects a small amount of blood, tests for viruses: i.e. rabies virus, cholera, etc. Diagnose by obtaining relevant antibodies or antigens in the pet’s blood.

  • Model: KT-TGL16M KT-TGL16MR
  • Max Speed: 16500rpm
  • Max RCF: 20653xg
  • Max Capacity: 4*100ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ± 10rpm
  • Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +40°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Display: LED/LCD
  • Timer Range: 1-99min/9h59min
  • Motor: Brushless frequency conversion motor
  • Power: AC 220V 50HZ 10A
  • Compressed Units: Imported environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Power: 1100W
  • Noise: ≤65db
  • Device Dimension: 510* 630 380mm(L*W*H)
  • Net Weight: 110kg

Veterinary Centrifuge Rotors(customized product available)

N0.1Angle rotor16500rpm20653xg12*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
N0.2Angle rotor16000rpm20653xg24*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
NO.3Angle rotor13500rpm19340xg30*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
NO.4Angle rotor11000rpm12843xg48*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
N0.5Angle rotor13500rpm19340xg30*0.2/0.5mlΦ8*30
N0.6Angle rotor13000rpm15635xg48*0.2/0.5mlΦ8*33
N0.7Angle rotor15000rpm19350xg8/10*5mlΦ14*54
N0.8Angle rotor15000rpm19350xg16*5mlΦ14*54
N0.9Angle rotor14000rpm16370xg12*7mlΦ15*62
NO.10Angle rotor14000rpm16460xg6*10mlΦ16*87
N0.11Angle rotor15000rpm13856xg3*8*0.2ml (PCR tub)Φ6*22
N0.12Angle rotor14000rpm12826xg6*8*0.2ml (PCR tube)Φ6*22
N0.13Angle rotor12000rpm14856xg12*10mlΦ16*87
N0.14Angle rotor12000rpm14510xg8*15mlΦ16*118
N0.15Angle rotor5000rpm3080xg24*15mlΦ16*118
N0.16Angle rotor5000rpm3830xg30*15mlΦ16*118
N0.17Angle rotor12000rpm14510xg8*20mlΦ22*104
N0.18Angle rotor12000rpm14856xg6*30mlΦ25*94
N0.19Angle rotor14000rpm15635xg4*50mlΦ29*106
NO.20Angle rotor12000rpm14856xg6*50mlΦ29*106
N0.21Angle rotor10000rpm10813xg6*70mlΦ32*150
NO.22Angle rotor12000rpm15635xg4*100mlΦ37*124
NO.23Angle rotor10000rpm11380xg6*100mlΦ37*124
NO.24Angle rotor12000rpm15869xg24pcs capillariesΦ4*100
NO.25Horizontal ELISA plate rotor4000rpm2310xg2*2*48mL


  • Carbon-free brush frequency conversion motor, maintenance-free, high torque, fast lifting speed.
  • Fluorine-free compressor unit ,no environmental pollution and precise temperature control.
  • Microcomputer processor control,digital display speed, temperature, time and other parameters.
  • Key programming, switching display operating parameters and RCF value.
  • 10 sets of programs can be stored and recalled, and 10 kinds of lifting rates are available for selection.
  •  Independent motor servo of the door cover.
  • Automatic over-speed,over-temperature, unbalanced protection.
  • Unique design of spring cone sleeve to connect the rotor and the spindle, loading and unloading the rotor is quick and simple, non-directional, safe and reliable, and easy to use.
  • Multiple rotating heads for selection.
  • Three-stage vibration reduction.
  • Can design various adapters according to the test requirements.

What is a Centrifuge Used for in a Veterinary Clinic?

The centrifuge is the basic & important veterinary equipment in the laboratory of the pet hospital / veterinary clinic.The clinically commonly used test samples are animal blood, urine, and dried stool samples, mainly for bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and mycoplasma test.

Pet Serological Centrifuge Process

  • Draw blood into the glass centrifuge tube and close the lid.
  • Place the centrifuge tube containing blood symmetrically in the centrifuge and cover the lid.
  • Set centrifuge protocol:4000 rpm, 5 min.
  • Shut down centrifuge, take out the sample.

Pet Urine Sediment Centrifuge

  • Take 10-15 ml of fresh non-polluting animal urine and put it into a centrifuge tube.
  • Set centrifugal speed at 1500-2000 r/min, 5 min.
  • Pour out the supernatant and leave a small amount of urine.
  • Mix the rest urine, use a pipette to suck a small amount on the glass slide, cover with a cover glass, and observe in the darker field of the microscope.