Clinical centrifuge machine, benchtop

Clinical benchtop centrifuge designed for benchtop use in clinical settings such as hospitals, research labs, etc.; used to process blood and other clinical samples at slower speeds. Available in a variety of capacities and speed ranges.

  • Model: KT-TG20WS
  • Max Speed: 20000rpm
  • Max RCF: 27816xg
  • Max Capacity: 4*100ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ±10rpm
  • Timer Range: 1-99min/9h59m
  • Display: LED/LCD
  • Motor: AC Inverter Motor
  • Power Supply: AC 220V 50HZ 10A
  • Power: 700W
  • Full Noise: ≤58db(A)
  • Net Weight: 35 kg
  • Device Dimension: 240*260*250mm ( L*W*H )

What is clinical centrifuge?

Clinical centrifuges are low speed devices used for rapid production of PPP and PRP as well as separation of serum, urea, blood samples and other routine applications in hospitals, research laboratories. If your laboratory has requirements for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices, look for certifications (CE, cTUVus and FCC). Optional adapters accommodate a variety of tube sizes, including standard tapered tubes and round bottom blood collection tubes. Units are available that include cell culture processing, blood sample preparation and microplate application functions. Clinical testing requires exceptional quality, repeatability and reliable performance.

Clinical Centrifuge Drawing

The clinical centrifuge is an ideal separation equipment in the fields of biology, medicine, pharmacy, and epidemic prevention. The working principle of the clinical centrifuge is mainly divided into two parts: the centrifugal part and the freezing part.The basic structure of the clinical centrifuge includes: drive system,control system,refrigeration system,safety protection system,rotor,shell, lid, inner tank, etc. The RPM, centrifuge time & the centrifuge temperature can be controlled by program of control system.


Clinical Centrifuge Rotor

NO.1Angle rotor20000rpm27816xg12*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
NO.2Angle rotor16000rpm20653xg24*1.5/2.2mlΦ 10 *42
NO.3Angle rotor14000rpm19450xg30*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
NO.4Angle rotor13000rpm17930xg48*1.5/2.2mlΦ10*42
NO.5Angle rotor14500rpm21807xg30*0.2/0.5mlΦ8*30
NO.6Angle rotor14500rpm21807xg48* 0.2/0.5mlΦ8*33
NO.7Angle rotor15000rpm19350xg8/10*5mlΦ14*54
NO.8Angle rotor15000rpm19350xg16 * 5mlΦ14*54
NO.9Angle rotor14000rpm16370xg12*7mlΦ15*62
NO.10Angle rotor14000rpm16460xg6*10mlΦ16* 87
NO.11Angle rotor15000rpm22680xg12*10mlΦ16*87
N0.12Angle rotor15000rpm22680xg8*15mlΦ16*118
NO.13Angle rotor5000rpm3515xg24*15mlΦ16*118
NO.14Angle rotor5000rpm3830xg30 *15mlΦ16*118
NO.15Angle rotor15000rpm22680xg8*20mlΦ22*104
NO.16Angle rotor14000rpm19060xg6*30mlΦ25*94
NO.17Angle rotor13500rpm18950xg4*50mlΦ29*106
NO.18Angle rotor12000rpm14856xg6*50mlΦ29*106
NO.19Angle rotor10000rpm10813xg6*70mlΦ32*150
NO.20Angle rotor12000rpm15635xg4*100mlΦ37*124
NO.21Angle rotor12000rpm15869xg24pcs capillariesΦ4*100