Floor Standing Refrigerated Centrifuge

Floor Standing Refrigerated Centrifuge, large capacity

  • Model NO: KT-DL5M(LED) KT-DL5MR(LCD)
  • Max Speed: 5500rpm
  • Max RCF: 4650xg
  • Max Capacity: 4*800ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ± 10rpm
  • Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +40°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Timer Range: 1 ~ 99min(LED)/9h59min(LCD)
  • Display: LED/LCD
  • Motor: AC frequency conversion
  • Power: 1100W 220V 50Hz 15A
  • Compressed Units: imported environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Noise: ≤60dB(A)
  • Net Weight: 130kg
  • Dimensions: 710*650*950 mm(L*W*H)


KT-DL5M floor standing refrigerated centrifuge can accommodates maximum 4*800ml capacity sample under low speeds. Up to 26 rotors makes it a perfect choice for routine hospital laboratory procedures. It’s high-torque, powerful drive separates larger liter sample mixtures quickly for industrial or laboratory researching needs. Imported fluorine-free air compressor unit with double-cycle refrigeration system, heat and cold exchange ability is strong, temperature control accuracy is high , and no environmental pollution. It can be placed anywhere in the lab, no need to sacrifice valuable bench space. Fit with high quality wheel in the bottom makes it high mobility.


  • Blue back-lit digital / liquid crystal display: speed, time and centrifugal force can be set arbitrarily to set accumulated time for operation and fault display.
  • Door cover, over-speed, over-temperature, unbalanced full electric control and other automatic protection functions.
  • Adopt a flexible shaft drive system, running smoothly, low vibration and low noise.
  • The body is made of high-quality steel structure, with a built-in stainless steel inner cavity, stainless steel protective inner sleeve, and three layers of protection to ensure safe use.
  • Imported fluorine-free compressor unit, double-cycle refrigeration, strong heat and cold exchangeability, high-temperature control accuracy, and no environmental pollution.
  • Maintenance-free frequency motor high-torque brushless variable speed microcomputer-controlled regulation, high precision, ultra-low noise and fast lifting speed.

Floor Standing Refrigerated Centrifuge Rotor Specifications

NoItemMax speed(rpm)Max RCF(Xg )Capacity(ml)Tube size(mm)
N0.1Angle rotor5500rpm4650xg12*10mlΦ16*87
NO.2Angle rotor5000rpm2540xg6 * 15mlΦ16*118
NO.3Angle rotor5000rpm3080xg12*15mlΦ16*118
NO.4Angle rotor5000rpm3515xg24 * 15mlΦ16*118
NO.5Angle rotor5000rpm3830xg30 * 15mlΦ16*118
NO.6Angle rotor5000rpm2520xg4 *50mlΦ29*106
N0.7Angle rotor5000rpm2850xg6 *50mlΦ29*106
NO.8Angle rotor5000rpm2630xg4*100mlΦ37*124
NO.9Angle rotor5000rpm3130xg6 *100mlΦ37*124
NO.10Horizontal rotor(auto decap)4000rpm2960xg4*12*5/7ml blood  tubeΦ13*95
N0.11Horizontal rotor(auto decap)4000rpm3350xg4*18*5/7ml  blood tubeΦ13*95
NO.12Horizontal rotor(auto decap)4000rpm3470xg4*24*5/7ml   blood tubeΦ13*95
NO.13Horizontal rotor(auto decap)4000rpm3470xg    4 * 25 * 5/7ml   blood  tubeΦ13*95
NO.14Horizontal rotor(auto decap)4000rom3470xg4*30*5/7ml   blood tubeΦ13*95
NO.15Horizontal rotor4000rpm2825xgRotor body
NO.15 Tube rack4000rpm3040xg4*4*10/15mlΦ16*135
NO.15 Tube rack4000rpm3040xg4*6*10/15mlΦ16*135
NO.15 Tube rack4000rpm3040xg4*8*10/15mlΦ16*135
NO.15 Tube rack4000rpm3040xg4* 1 *50mlΦ29*125
NO.15 Tube rack4000rpm3040xg4*2 * 50mlΦ298125
NO.15 Tube rack4000rpm3040xg4*2 *100mlΦ37*124
NO.16Horizontal rotor4000rpm3040xg4 * 250ml(round bottom)Φ64*125
NO.16Adaptor4000rpm3040xg4*2 * 50mlΦ29*125
NO.16Adaptor4000rpm3040xg4*1 * 100mlΦ37*124
NO.16Adaptor4000rpm3040xg4*2 *100mlΦ37*124
NO.17Horizontal rotor4000rpm3515xg4 * 500ml(round bottom)Φ78*150
NO.17Adaptor4000rpm3515xg4*3 *50mlΦ29*106
NO.17Adaptor4000rpm3515xg4*3* 100mlΦ37*124
NO.17Adaptor4000rpm3515xg4 *1* 250mlΦ64*114
NO.18Horizontal hanging rotor4000rpm3157xg4 * 800ml(round bottom)With 4 hanging cups
NO.18Adaptor 4000rpm3157xg4 * 6 * 50mlΦ29*106
NO.18Adaptor4000rpm3157xg4*4* 100mlΦ37*124 Φ64*125
NO.18Adaptor4000rpm3157xg4 * 1* 250ml
NO.19Horizontal square hanging cup rotor4000rpm3215xq4*12*5/7ml Vacuum blood collectionΦ13*95
NO.20Horizontal square hanging cup rotor4000rpm3215xg4*18*5/7ml Vacuum blood collectionΦ13*95
NO.21Horizontal round hanging cup rotor4000rpm3215xg4*24*5/7ml Vacuum blood collectionΦ13*95
NO.22Horizontal round hanging cup rotor4000rpm3215xg4*37*5/7ml Vacuum blood collectionΦ13*95
NO.23Horizontal ELISA PLATE rotor4000rpm2310xg2*2*48 hole
NO.24Horizontal ELISA PLATE rotor4000rpm2310xg2*2*96 hole
NO.25Horizontal ELISA PLATE rotor4000rpm2490xg4*2* 96 hole
NO.26Horizontal ELISA PLATE rotor4000rpm2850xg4*4*96 hole

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