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KETHINK KT-FR6.0 electric blood bag tube sealer

Model NO: KT-FR6.0

Kethink is a professional manufacturer & supplier of  portable blood bag tube sealer in China with over 20 years technical experience. The tube sealer adopts high frequency electrode on the sealing head,it can seals the blood bag tube without causing haemolysis and blood leakage. Imported transistor guarantee a stabler and longer service life. The seal is wide and can be separated/ teared with little or no force. Sealing operation is automatically activated with the help of sensor when the tube is placed in between the sealing electrode. Within only a few seconds, a blood bag pilot tube will be sealed & separated by gently tearing the 2 ends of the sealing section.

KETHINK provides the most sophisticated technology & high quality manufacture level & CE certified product in the market with the most affordable price and cost for our blood tube sealer.

Warranty: 1 year for free,technical support for life

Delivery: within 5-7working days


Blood Bank Equipment KT-FR6.0 Portable Blood Bag Pilot Tube Sealer Machine Product Specification

Blood Bag Tube Sealer Function & Working Principle

  • KT-FR6-0 blood bag tube sealer is a compact medical use automatic equipment to seal the blood bag pilot tube by radio frequency sealing system.
  • The high-frequency electrode on the heat sealing head performs high-frequency induction heating on the PVC pipeline to make the PVC pipeline melt (the molecular polarization of the PVC material conduit under a high-frequency electric field) and the heat-sealing electrode compresses the molten part according to the preset procedure. After a predetermined time, complete a heat seal.
  • This tube sealer machine for blood bank can seal blood bag pilot tube within 1-3 seconds,the sealing tube can be easily separated which helps improve the working efficiency greatly.

Blood Bag Tube Sealer Use/ Application

  • Mainly applicable to hospital blood transfusion department, blood collection department and component department, blood bank and medical scientific research for  for 2/4 to 6mm diameter blood bag tube sealing.
  • Portable handheld blood bag tube sealer,convenient for outdoor / on vehicle operation.
  • Unlike other similar products, KT-FR6.0 handheld blood bag tube sealing machine adopt imported transistor to ensure system works stablely and longer working life.
  • Using transistor high-frequency generator, its radiation is weak.
  • The G circuit is mature and stable, safe and reliable, and has a long service life.
  •  The heat sealing process is total automated, without voltage adjustment and time adjustment.
  • Humanized design, small size, light weight, portable and simple operation.
  • Rapid heat sealing, accurate and stable, suitable for mobile blood collection tube heat sealing work.

blood bag tube sealer specifications

NameAutomtic Tube Sealer for Blood Bags
Model NumberKT-FR6.0
PowerAC 1 phase,180V~260V 2A
Ambient temperature15°C~30°C
Heat Sealing Time0.8S~1.2S
Applicable Tube Sizetube outer diameter 2mm~6mm, thickness≤1mm
Dimension320mm*180mm * 130mm
Net Weight6kg

How do you seal plastic tubes?

  • Pinch the two sides of the pipeline to be heat-sealed with both hands, and put the pipeline into the heat-sealing groove.
  • Use your right hand to apply a little more force to trigger the probe / switch in the heat-sealing slot.
  • At this time, the heat sealing head is slowly sucked in.
  • After about 2-5 seconds, the heat sealing work is completed.
  • Remove the sealed pipeline and cut the  pipeline along the heat sealing gap; or pull the pipeline slightly with both hands to separate the two sections.

blood bank tube sealer price

Blood bag tube thermosealer price varies with different factors: seller’s location, different parts,ect. Our sealer adopt high end imported transistor which is one of the key parts that determine the price difference. We only provide high end blood bag tube sealer in china & abroad.Some blood bag tube sealer manufacturers in china uses domestic transistor, though the price is lower than us, but its system not stable & with shorter service life.

ModelItemQuantityPrice/set EXW
KT-FR6.0blood bag tube sealer(imported transistor)1-50
≥ 50
blood bag tube sealer(domestic  transistor)1-50
≥ 50

KETHINK blood bag tube sealer is a portable blood bank use equipment to seal the blood bag tube with high radio frequency sealing system.
The tube can be sealed within 1-3 seconds without causing haemolysis and leakage of blood.
It is widely used in hosptitals and blook banks. It is can be used on a mobile blood donation car too.