Refrigerated Blood Bag Centrifuge

Refrigerated Blood Bag Centrifuge, low speed 7000rpm

  • Model NO: KT-DL7M/KT-DL7MR ( LED /LCD)
  • Max Speed: 7000rpm
  • Max RCF: 8900xg
  • Max Capacity: 6 * 1500ml
  • Speed Accuracy: ± 10rpm
  • Temperature Range: -20°C ~ +40°C
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Program Function: 30 programs
  • Timer Range: 1 ~23h59min
  • Motor: AC frequency conversion / Microcomputer control
  • Power: 6KW 380V 50Hz 35A
  • Compressed Units: imported environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Noise: ≤62dB(A)


KT-DL7M Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge is ideal for blood banks/blood station for its large capacity whole blood separation capability. It can separate at most 18 picese of 400ml quad blood bags at one time. Fast cooling function, less than 5 minutes from room temperature 21°C to bio-zero 4°C, can keep your blood bags cool during centrifugation with its refrigerated system. The swing out rotor buckets are designed like a square cup/ round cup to easily fit blood bags for centrifuging. Optional adapters are available for different volue blood bag separation. Adapters allow the technician to easily load the centrifuge faster. Faster loading of centrifuge reduces centrifuge down time and efficiently maintains refrigerated temperature of blood bag centrifuge.


  • Imported compressor, imported high-speed bearings, variable frequency motor, energy saving, environmental protection, large capacity, speed.
  • Large-screen LCD display / digital display speed, relative centrifugal force and running time at a glance.
  • Carbon-free brush maintenance-free high torque motor, intelligent mechanical induction electronic door lock, no maintenance.
  • Maximum capacity can be put into 18 pcs 400MLH / quadruple bags, programmable operation, RCF value can be calculated automatically by setting the speed-up and speed-down time arbitrarily.
  • The design of gas ventilation and cooling ensures the minimum a temperature increase of the sample.
  • A variety of rotors are available for selection, with various safety protection functions such as unbalance, over-temperature, over speed, door cover, and so on.
  • The test bottle and adapter adopt imported materials, with long service life, without any deformation after 400 cycles of testing, and the material can be autoclaved. Comply with international safety standards IS09001 quality certification.

Blood Bag Centrifuge Rotor Specifications (customized product available)

NOItemMax Speed(rpm)Max RCF(xg)Capacity(ml)Tube Size(mm)
N0.1Angle rotor6000rpm5450xg6 *100ml (round)Φ37*124
N0.2Angle rotor6000rpm5450xg6 * 300ml (round)Φ63*158
N0.3Angle rotor6000rpm6680xg6 * 500ml(round)Φ72*165
N0.4Horizontal rotor(wind cap optional)4000rpm4060xg4*1000ml (square/round optional)Φ95*170
N0.4Adaptor4000rpm4060xg4 * 500mlΦ64*125
N0.4Adaptor4000rpm4060xg4 * 250mlΦ64*125
N0.4Adaptor4000rpm4060xg4* 6 * 100mlΦ42*95
N0.4Adaptor4000rpm4060xg4*12*50ml (sharp/ round bottom)Φ29*106
N0.4Adaptor4000rpm4060xg4*6*50ml (sharp/ round bottom)Φ28*103
N0.4Adaptor4000rpm4060xg4*27*5/7ml(Blood collection tube)Φ13*95
N0.5Horizontal ELISA PLATE rotor4000rpm2490xg4*2* 96 hole 
N0.6 Horizontal ELISA PLATE rotor4000rpm2850xg4*4*96 hole

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